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Kam Lakfnez

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Kam Lakfnez, 5949 Ʋ - present, is a Đolậfinez ex-NSANMF TBD, businessman, entrepreneur, aviator, inventor, TBD.

Lakfnez's career began upon being drafted into the New Surresi Air Force (NSANMF) as a TBD at the age of 16. Lakfnez ascended the ranks to become TBD, being awarded the TBD Medal for the timely aversion of crashing the NSANMF Zeppelin VsL-12. Lakfnez retired from the NSANMF after six years of service in 5971 Ʋ. Lakfnez still holds a significant presence in NSANMF affairs.

Lakfnez acquired his affinity for aerostats during his career in the NSANMF. After retiring from the NSANMF, he was hired by Vaal Veysunselok Vekzman (VVV) and became the copilot on the VVV flagship Zeppelin VP-9 "Kyneth."