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Karate at the 2020 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad
No. of events 8
Competitors 80

The karate competitions at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Istanbul will feature eight events. It will be the debut appearance of karate in the Olympics. Karate is part of the 2020 programme as one of five sports added specifically for 2020 rather than as a permanent sport. Two karate disciplines will be featured. Kumite is the sparring discipline and will have three weight classes each for men and women. Kata is the solo form discipline, and will have one event each for men and women. Each event will have 10 competitors.

The three weight classes in Olympic competition are in contrast to the five normally used by the World Karate Federation. The two lightest (-60kg and -67kg for men, -50kg and -55kg for women) will be combined into the Olympic categories of -67kg for men and -55kg for women. The middle categories (-75kg men, -61kg women) are unchanged, while the two heaviest categories (-84kg and +84kg for men, -68kg and +68kg for women) will be combined into +75kg for men and +61kg for women.




Event Gold Silver Bronze
67 kg
75 kg
+75 kg


Event Gold Silver Bronze
55 kg
61 kg
+61 kg

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