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Kenny Higham

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Kenny Higham

Kenny Higham.jpg
Official Portrait, 2017
Constituency Pine Valley (2017 - Present)
Member of the House of Councilors for Montana's 4th district (Pine Valley)
Assumed office
August 31, 2017
Preceded by John Hamnet
Chair of the Montana National Union Party
In office
October 2, 2014 – August 31, 2017
Preceded by Gregory McConnell
Succeeded by Bernard H. Grahm
Personal details
Born (1980-06-19) June 19, 1980 (age 43)
Flag of Montana (Rainier).png Jordan, Montana, Rainier
Political party GPUN Emblem.png National Union
Spouse(s) Maria Higham (m. 2007)
Children 3
Religion Anglican

Kenneth Arnold Higham (born June 19, 1980) is a Rainian political activist, political commentator, politician and Member of Parliament representing the 4th district of the Province of Montana in the House of Councilors since 2017. Prior to being elected to the House of Councilors, Higham previously served as the Deputy Chair of the Montana National Union Party from 2014 until 2017. A member of the National Union Party, Higham is a well known and controversial figure and spokesperson for the NUP.

Born in Jordan, Kenny grew up in the small town in a conservative family. Higham had became involved in politics and grew up in a religious household which influenced his upbringing and political views as well and attributed his political positions to his upbringing. After getting involved in politics, Higham joined a local newspaper and criticized the policies of the Farmer-Labour Party, the Montana provincial affiliate of the Labour Party and joined the NUP when he was around 19 years old. In various interviews, Higham had described himself as a moderate conservative from 1999 until 2012 when he embraced national conservative principals and views. In 2014, Higham ran for the position as Chair of the Montana National Union Party and won with around 34% of the vote during the leadership election. He would ultimately hold the position until 2017 when he ran for Parliament to represent Montana's 4th district nicknamed Pine Valley. Higham ran in the 2017 House of Councilors election and won over John Hamnet earning 43.2% of the vote and took his seat in the House of Councilors by August 31, 2017.

Since being elected to the position, Higham has worked closely with more nationalistic, and populist members of the National Union Party and has been vocal in his support for NUP leader Richard Baron of which he voted for in the 2017 leadership election. Higham has been vocal in his support for paleoconservative, economic nationalist and right-wing populist views. He's a vocal critic of incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Llewellyn and the Labour government accusing the latter of engaging in "cultural destruction and psychological ideological warfare". He's the founder and leader of the "New Right" faction of the NUP, a faction of the party espousing New Right nationalist views and is a popular figure among the alt-right.

Early life and childhood

Early political career


Higham began his political career first as a journalist and reporter for the Economic Times, a national newspaper with centre-right to right-wing leanings. Throughout the 2000s, Higham had covered various elections and other major events happening in Rainier and was one of the paper's most well known conservative reporters and a common defender of the NUP and its policies. Higham had covered the 2005 House of Councilors election and extensively covered the NUP campaign and interviewed their leaders, though he did interview Labour Party candidate, Ken Huang during the election as well. Higham had pushed for the NUP and called for tactical voting against the NUP's opponents, mainly Labour and the Social Credit Party among others, and voiced concerns over what he called a "radical leftwing takeover" of Rainian politics.

2014 Montana election

Chair of the Montana NUP

First term

Legislative accomplishments

MP for Pine Valley


Higham was elected on August 24, 2017 during the House of Councilors election where he ran to become a Member of Parliament for Montana's 4th district, Pine Valley, which had also included his hometown of Jordan.

His opponent was Dan Hamnet, an NUP MP who represented the moderate wing of the party and was frequently described as a Red Tory. Hamnet had been representing Pine Valley since his election in 2005 and Higham was his first challenger. Higham ran on a national conservative, right-wing populist platform in contrast to Dan's moderate conservatism and ran on a platform of claiming to represent the district under the slogan of "A Montana representative for Montana". Higham ultimately won earning around 43% of the vote in contrast to Hamnet's 40% in a close race.

Committee assignments

  • Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs
    • Subcommittee on Rural Investment
    • Subcommittee on Agricultural Development
  • Committee on Human Services and Welfare
    • Subcommittee on Rural Health Service
    • Subcommittee on Rural Health Resources

Political positions

Social issues

Economic issues

Immigration and race

CAS and foreign policy

Electoral history

Personal life

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