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Republic of Khonwa

Xonwa'i Angśigguk
and largest city
Internet TLD .kh
Khonwa (Aiyo: Xonwa), officially the Republic of Khonwa (Aiyo: Xonwa'i Angśigguk), is a sovereign state located in north-central Ankuria, touching the Dhara Bay to the east. Khonwa's capital Dhara is one of the largest cities in the world and the most important port in the country, as well as the core of the Greater Dhara agglomeration and the government seat of the Dhara Province.

The country is divided into sixteen provinces, most of which are named after their capital cities (except for the provinces of TBD, TBD, and TBD, whose capital cities are TBD, TBD, and TBD respectfully). Each province has its own provincial council with 2 members who are directly elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms. The provinces are further subdivided into TBD municipalities and TBD districts, which in turn are subdivided into TBD communes.

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