Knights of Mindaugas

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Knights of Mindaugas
Mindaugo riteriai
Country Poland-Lithuania
Leader(s) Švitrigaila Minkelis
Preceded by Lithuanian Organization
Merged into 1997
Active region(s) Lithuania
Notable attacks 2018 Kaliningradas bombing
Size 3,000

The Knights of Mindaugas is a Lithuanian nationalist and separatist militant group operating in Poland-Lithuania. It originated in 1997 as a union between the Lithuanian Organization and other right-wing groups active in the eastern part of the country. Founded by Švitrigaila Minkelis, the group advocates an independent state in Lithuania, separate from Poland. It has been classified by the League of Nations as a terrorist organization.

The group claimed responsibility for the 2018 Kaliningradas bombing, which killed 24 people and injured 40 more.

History[edit | edit source]

The group takes its name from King Mindaugas, the legendary founder of Lithuania and national hero of the Lithuanians.

Arrests[edit | edit source]