Royal Air Force of Skandinavia

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Kongelige Luftforsvaret av Skandinavia
Royal Air Force of Skandinavia
KU Monogram LFT.png
Coat of Arms of Kongelige Luftforsvaret.
Founded November 10, 1951; 69 years ago (1951-11-10)
Country  Skandinavia
Allegiance Forsvaret av Skandinavia
Size 51,000 Professional men and women
940 Aircraft
Part of Forsvaret
KoLFT Lt. General Anders Jensen
Frederik II
Roundel SK Roundel Luft 01.png
Low Visibility Roundel SK Roundel Luft 02.png
Aircraft flown
Attack Saab 37 Viggen M, Tornado IDS
Saab S100B AEW&C, Saab 2000 AEW&C
Fighter Saab 39 Gripen, F-16
Helicopter NH90, MBB Bo 105, Westland Lynx, Super Puma
Interceptor Saab 39 Gripen, F-16
Reconnaissance Tornado ECR
Trainer Saab Safari
Transport C-130J, Saab 340, CASA CN-235, CASA C-295, Airbus A400M, Gulfstream G550, Airbus A-319, KC-130 Tanker, Dassault Falcon 50

Kongelige Luftforsvaret av Skandinavia (Royal Air Force of Skandinavia), often abbreviated as Luftforsvaret, is the air branch of Forsvaret. The infrastructure of the Luftforsvaret includes twenty two active airbases, four control and reporting centres and three training centres, as well as several airfields. Under the authority of the Luftforsvaret is the Luftvernartilleri Brigader (Antiaircraft Defense Brigades).

Structure[edit | edit source]

The basic organization of the Luftforsvaret is the following:

  • Luftforsvaret Hovedkvarter (LFT-HK). Ørland.
  • LFT Skandinavias Hovedkvarter (LFT-SKHK). Såtenäs.
  • LFT Arktis Hovedkvarter (LFT-AKHK). Keflavik.

Operative structure[edit | edit source]

The usual operative unit is the wing, composed by two or three squadrons composed by 16 to 22 airplanes.

Ranks and insignias[edit | edit source]

See: Forsvaret ranks, insignias and uniforms

LFT OF A.png

Organization[edit | edit source]

LFT Bases in Scandinavia
LFT Bases in the Arctic Region

Fighter Wings[edit | edit source]

  • 11 Luftving
    • 111 Skvadron: 18 F-16 - Karup Flystasjon
    • 112 Skvadron: 18 F-16 - Karup Flystasjon
  • 12 Luftving
    • 121 Skvadron: 18 F-16 - Andøya Flystasjon
    • 122 Skvadron: 18 F-16 - Andøya Flystasjon

Attack Wings[edit | edit source]

Multirole Wings[edit | edit source]

Transport Wings[edit | edit source]

Early Warning and Control Wing[edit | edit source]

Helicopter Wings[edit | edit source]

Luftvernartilleribrigader[edit | edit source]

The Luftvernartilleribrigader (Antiaircraft Defense Brigades) is in charge of the anti-aircraft defense of the national territory, not of the antiaircraft defense of the military units stationed abroad that have their own anti-aircraft defense structure.

  • 1 Luftvernartilleribrigade
    • 11 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Herning
    • 12 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Gentofte
    • 13 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Kristianstad
    • 14 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Farsta
    • 15 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Skellefteå
  • 2 Luftvernartilleribrigade
    • 21 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Grorud
    • 22 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Haugesund
    • 23 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Namsos
    • 24 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Tromsø
    • 25 Luftvernartilleribataljon: 8 NASAMS batteries - Keflavik