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KPB-122 02.jpg
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Germany
Service history
In service 1997–present
Used by Kongelige Hæren
Defence Forces of Baltica
Production history
Designer Krauss-Maffei
Manufacturer BOFORS Hägglunds AS
Unit cost US$5.74 million
Produced 1997-present
No. built 660
Variants Kpv-122
Weight 62.5 tonnes (61.5 long tons; 68.9 short tons)
Length 9.97 m (32 ft 9 in) (gun forward)
Width 3.75 m (12 ft 4 in)
Height 3.0 m (9 ft 10 in)
Crew 4

Armour 3rd generation composite; including high-hardness steel, tungsten and plastic filler with ceramic component.
1 x 120 mm Rheinmetall L44 smoothbore tank gun
42 rounds
2 x 7.62×51mm NATO Ksp m/94 machine gun
4,750 rounds
4 x 2 GALIX smoke grenade launchers
Engine SCANIA SC 873 Ka-501 liquid-cooled V-12 Twin-turbo diesel engine
1,500 PS (1,479 hp, 1,103 kW) at 2,600 rpm
Power/weight 24.19 PS/t (17.79 kW/t)
Transmission Renk HSWL 354
Suspension Torsion-bar suspension
Ground clearance 540 mm
Fuel capacity 1,200 liters
550 km (340 mi) (internal fuel)
Speed 68 km/h (42 mph)

Kampbil-122 (Kpv-122) is a Skandinavian main battle tank based on the German Leopard 2 Improved variant, just like the German Leopard 2A5, utilizing newer technology such as command-, control-, and fire-control systems, as well as reinforced armour and long-term combat capacity. Externally, the vehicle can be distinguished from the Leopard 2A5 by the French GALIX smoke dispensers, different storage bins, and the thicker crew hatches. The Kpv-122B, has been equipped with modular AMAP composite armor from IBD Deisenroth to give "360° protection" against threats such as explosively formed penetrators, rocket propelled grenades and improvised explosive devices.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Leopard 2A5's width of 3.75 meters has been kept, while the weight increased by only 350 kilograms (770 lb).

The Kpv-122 was designed to fight in Skandinavian conditions including heavily forested areas as well as urban terrain. The designation derives from the 12 cm gun, on the second tank in Skandinavian service featuring this calibre. Kpv-122 also had to overcome the perceived flaws of the original German tank, and features the following abilities:

  • Heavily reinforced armour to protect against man-portable anti-tank weapons.
  • An advanced CBRN defence system for protection against chemical, biological and radioactive weapons.
  • Wading capability to pass through water up to 1.4 meters deep.
  • Quick ability to discover, identify and lock on a target with the assistance of a laser rangefinder, thermographic camera, and a speed/distance/accuracy calculator for maximum accuracy.
  • Ability to lock onto numerous targets at once, enabling the tank to fight numerous enemy vehicles without having to manually re-aim the gun after every shot.
  • Active communication for improved cooperation between units.
  • Tank Command & Control System TCCS by Kongsberg

Production and service[edit | edit source]

In 1998 a contract for 320 units was awarded for 1998-2004. Later in 2008 a new contract for 340 new "B" model was awarded. From 2016 to 2020 all the initial 320 units were upgraded to "C" specification.

Variants[edit | edit source]