Labor Party (Pacífica)

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Labor Party
Chairperson Paul Zimmerman
Founded April 1, 1942 (1942-04-01)
Headquarters 132 Avalon St.
San Francisco, Pacífica
Student wing College Socialist
Youth wing Rhodes Youth Group
Membership 3,421,392 (2018)
Ideology Majority
 • Democratic Socialism
 • Social Democracy
 • Republicanism
 • Economic Reform
 • Left Wing Populism
 • Anti-Americanism
Political position Left Wing
International affiliation World Forum of Socialists
Left Alliance (North American Union)
Official colors     
His Majesty's Senate
0 / 96
House of Deputies
13 / 260
American Congress
9 / 60

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The Labor Party of Pacífica is a democratic socialist political party in the Kingdom of Pacífica. The party has over 3,000,000 members and is led by Paul Zimmerman, who also acts as the leader of the Labor Party in the House of Deputies.

The Labor Party was founded on April 1st, 1942 by radical socialist Eugene Rhodes and republican philosopher James Gallagher. Although originally founded as a radical socialist and marxist, the Labor Party eventually dropped its two founding ideologies in favor of moderate socialism in 1948. The Labor Party was first elected into the House in the 1948 Pacífican General Election and became a governing party after the 2016 Pacífican General Election, after it formed a coalition with the Social Democratic Party.

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