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Landon's Last Stand

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Landon's Last Stand
Directed by Giovani Hooper
Screenplay by Adam Boone
Produced by Jaylon Long
Starring Timothy Wolf
Giovani Harper
Emory Terry
Raphael Frederick
Josiah Odom
Cinematography Asia Santos
Music by Eliza Price
Production companies
New California Studios
Release date(s) November 11th, 1977
Running time 1 hour & 28 minutes
Country Sierra
Language(s) English, Spanish, Mandarin
Budget $2,000,000
Box office $27,000,000

Landon's Last Stand is a 1977 Sierran biographic war drama film directed by Giovani Harper and stars Timothy Wolf and Giovani Harper. The film takes place during the last days of the Sierran Civil War and chronicles the last stand and eventual capitulation of Isaiah Landon, leader of the Republican faction and of the Second California Republic. The film was released on November 11, 1977 on the centennial anniversary of the Sierran Civil War as a means of commemorating the end of the war and the impact in left on Sierran culture, society and history. The film had a budget of $2,000,000 and grossed over $27,000,000 at the box office making it a financial success. The film has since been praised for its set design design, acting, effects and high levels of historical accuracy, especially the depiction of Landon and of the republican soldiers fighting in the war. The film was aired in theaters in 2017 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. It has now traditionally been screened at theaters in neighborhoods where cultural republicanism and Landonism has historically been strong at during the week of Republic Day and other important dates.


The film opens up in mid-September 1877 during the last days of the Sierran Civil War where Isaiah Landon (portrayed by Timothy Wolf), is being persuaded by Monarchist forces lead by John C. Frémont (portrayed by Giovani Harper). The Republicans had suffered heavy losses and Landon has resorted to using questionable tactics and orders in a desperate attempt to slow down the monarchist advance. By November, he is surrounded on all fronts, Republican lines have nearly deserted and his own personal forces remain the last active soldiers left of the Republican army.


  • Timothy Wolf as Isaiah Landon, leader of the Second California Republic and the Republican faction.
  • Giovani Harper as John C. Frémont, commander of the Monarchist forces pursuing Landon.
  • Emory Terry as Commander Nathan, officer of the militia under Landon's command.





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