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Liberal Democratic Party of Superior

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Liberal Democratic Party
Liberaldemokratische Partei
Leader Quentin Bradshaw (NH)
Chairperson Penelope Whitmer (UP)
Founder Stephen Miller
Hans Grüne
Deputy Leader Elizabeth Whitmer (LN)
Founded January 2, 1867; 156 years ago (1867-01-02)
Headquarters Constitution Square, Saint Anthony, Superior
Student wing Student Liberal Democrats
Youth wing Young Liberal Democrats
LGBT wing LGBT+ Liberal Democrats
Women's wing National Coalition of Liberal Democratic Women
Overseas wing Overseas Liberal Democrats
Membership Decrease 3.1 million
Ideology Majority:
 • Liberalism
 • Social liberalism
 • American unionism
 • Liberal democracy
 • Centrism
 • Neoliberalism
 • Left-wing populism
 • Progressivism
 • Liberal socialism
Political position Yellow flag waving.png Center to Center-left (Includes left-wing factions)
National affiliation Progressive Bloc
International affiliation Liberal International
American affiliation Liberal Democrats of America
Official colors      Red
High Council
15 / 42
House of Delegates
78 / 262
6 / 15
American Parliament
12 / 43
Election symbol
Liberal Democratic Disc (Superior).svg

Politics of Superior
Political parties

The Liberal Democratic Party (German: Liberaldemokratische Partei), commonly referred to as the Liberal Democrats and simplified as the LibDems is a center-left political party in the Kingdom of Superior. Founded by Stephen Miller and Hans Grüne in 1867, the Liberal Democratic Party is the oldest active political party in Superior, and is one of the oldest political parties in Anglo-America. It has been described as the "natural ruling party" by political observers due to its significance in Superian political history, and also because a majority of the presidents of Superior adhere to the Liberal Democrats. From 2015 to 2022, the Liberal Democrats were in a governing coalition with the Farmer Labor and Green parties.

The Liberal Democrats have been generally described as the centrist or center left party on the Superian political spectrum, being in-between of the United Conservative Party, which is the nation's leading center-right to right wing political party, and the Farmer Labor Party, which is the nation's leading left wing political party. Since it's foundation, the Liberal Democrats have adhered to the idelogies of social liberalism and limited progressivism, with a majority of current members identifying with either one of those ideologies. On economic issues, the Liberal Democrats the continuation of welfare programs, support continuing the Public Health Program while opposing all private alternatives and attempts at privatization and abolition, and implementing environmentally friendly economic protections. On social issues, the Liberal Democrats supports LGBTQ+ rights, easy access to abortion, the partial legalization of marijuana and euthanasia, promotion of multiculturalism and bilingualism, and stricter gun control laws. On foreign policy, the Liberal Democrats support continued membership in the Conference of American States, continued commitment to peacekeeping missions conducted by the League of Nations, and the normalization of relations with the United Commonwealth, though the modern day members of the party are split on the latter.

Since 2003, the Liberal Democrats' chief political rival has been the United Conservative Party, who succeeded the Liberal Democrats' historical rival, the Conservative Party. Since 2015 to 2022, the Liberal Democrats lead the Parliament of Superior in a coalition government with the Farmer Labor and Green parties during the presidency of Jennifer Granholm, the LDP leader from 2011 to 2021, as part of an electoral alliance known as the Progressive Bloc of Superior. The LDP would win a majority in the 2015 federal election, but suffer electoral losses in both 2019 and 2020 over numerous controversies and scandals surrounding Granholm and her policies, but they remained in government regardless. The LDP would return to the opposition after losing in 2022 along with the Progressive Bloc. As of 2022, the Liberal Democratic Party holds 78 seats in the House of Delegates out of 262 and 15 out of 42 in the High Council, the second largest of both chambers. It also holds six state governorships out of 15 and 12 out of 36 seats in Superior's delegation to the American Parliament. In the Conference of American States, the LDP is affiliated with the Liberal Democrats of America and is one of its largest member parties.



Reconstruction era

Early 20th century

Great War Coalition

New Liberal Initiative

Opposition (2003–2011)

Granholm era (2011–2021)

Opposition (2022–present)

Ideology and platform

The ideology of the Liberal Democratic Party has evolved over the years due to the shifting nature of the country's politics. During its early years, the party adhered towards classical liberalism supporting a limit on the size of the federal government, promotion of federalism, and promotion of economic liberalism, but the growth of the Superian labor movement would see a shift in this during the early 20th century. By the 1940s, the LDP would endorse the labor movement and would support workers' rights and a strong progressive faction would emerge in the party which remains present to this day and classical liberalism would be represented only by moderate factions in the party.

In the modern era, the Liberal Democratic Party is dedicated to preserving the country's liberal democratic and federal government and seeks to expand workers' and LGBT rights, push for greater social equality, support for American unionism, and involvement in international peacekeeping missions and organizations. Since the 2000s, the LDP has a party constitution laying out the party's platform, policy goals, ideology and general vision for the country and includes the following:

  • Support and expanding the rights of demographic minorities.
  • Expanding the rights for all LGBT citizens in Superior.
  • Expanding voting rights and accessibility.
  • Ensuring greater access to healthcare and lower costs.
  • Support Superian involvement in the League of Nations and peacekeeping missions.
  • Support Superian involvement and membership in the Conference of American States.
  • Support reproductive rights for Superian women and their healthcare.
  • Seek an equal and proper justice system in Superior.
  • Support restrictive gun laws to prevent shootings and gun violence.


The Liberal Democratic Party is governed by the Liberal National Committee which serves as the party's main governing body and is lead by a chairperson, currently held by Penelope Whitmer as of 2019. The Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party is the overall leader of the party and has major powers in regards to the party's officials and leaders including appointing the chair for the Liberal National Committee, though such a nominee must be approved by the committee itself. Both the chair and party leader can appoint members to the committee and other party organizations and bodies as well. Other major bodies within the Liberal Democratic Party includes the House Liberal Democratic Caucs, the party's main body in the House of Delegates, and the Liberal Democratic Council Conference, the party's body in the High Council.


State parties


Political positions

Economic policy

  • Increase the funding for welfare programs
  • Support and increase funding for the Public Health Program, oppose any attempts at abolition or privatization.
  • Improve and expand the PHP to incentivize usage of the program over private alternatives.
  • Raise taxes on the upper class in order to support the lower class.
  • Increase the gasoline tax in order to promote a healthy environment.
  • Maintain current environmental protections and penalties.

Social policy

  • Promote and normalize the LGBTQ+ community in Superior
  • End racial injustice and prejudice through hate crime legislation.
  • Support affirmative action.
  • Support stricter gun control measures and banning personal assault weapons.
  • Partially legalizing marijuana.
  • Support granting citizenship to undocumented immigrants.

Foreign policy

Electoral history

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