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Liberal Democrats of America
President Jackie Nutalli
Vice President Debrah Darwins
Parliament President Sofia Muñoz
Slogan "Building a Free and Stable Democracy for All!"
Founded March 21, 1961; 60 years ago (1961-03-21)
Headquarters 1000th Avenue Seattle, Astoria
Student wing Student Liberal Democrats of America
Youth wing Young Liberal Democrats of America
Think Tank Institute for American Liberal Studies
Ideology Liberal democracy
Social liberalism
Cultural liberalism
American unionism
Economic liberalism
Political position Yellow flag waving.png Center to Center left
International affiliation Liberal International
Official colors      Blue
American Parliament
92 / 501
American Council
3 / 28

Political groups of the American Parliament
Anglo-American political party

The Liberal Democrats of America, also known more commonly as the Liberal Democrats and Lib Dems and abbreviated as the LDA, is an Anglo-American political party and political group composing of various liberal political parties from across all member states of the Conference of American States, though it also includes affiliated parties in non-CAS nations as well. The party was founded in 1961 under the name of the Liberal and Democratic Bloc during the early years of the American Parliament. By 1972, the party reorganized into its modern name as the Liberal Democrats of America and is currently lead by Jackie Nutalli and the current President of the American Parliament, Sofia Muñoz, is a member of the LDA. Its headquarters is based in Seattle, Rainier.

The Liberal Democrats of America are a coalition of various political parties in the CAS that espouse various forms of liberalism and its core ideological values are commitment to the defense and spreading of Anglo-American liberalism, adherence to liberal democracy, support for social and cultural liberalism to promote social equality, and support for economic liberalism as part of its economic freedom initiative. The party is also staunchly unionist and supports further integration of CAS member states and supports including more member states within the Americas. The LDA is affiliated with Liberal International and is fully committed to social and economic equality, advancing civil rights and liberties of all peoples within the CAS, and opposing any policies that restrict the liberties, free movement and travel of all citizens of the CAS.

Throughout its history, the Liberal Democrats have been one of the largest and most influential political groups and parties in the American Parliament alongside their historic ally, the United Federalists of America, and their historic political rival, the American Conservative Coalition. The largest member parties are the Democratic-Republican Party from the Kingdom of Sierra, the Democratic Party from Brazil, and the Liberal Democratic Party from Superior. The party's youth and student wings are the Young Liberal Democrats of America and the Student Liberal Democrats of America and there policies are advocated for by their affiliated think tank, the Institute for American Liberal Studies.

Name[edit | edit source]

When the party was first founded in 1961, it was founded under the name of the Liberal and Democratic Bloc back before official political groups and Pan-American political parties were made official and formed and MAPs were grouped into various blocs based around common ideological and political views, policies, and ideas. The Liberal and Democratic Bloc (LDB) was made up of MAPs from various liberal political parties who held views supporting liberal democracy, social justice and a new form of American liberalism. In 1972, the party was renamed as the Liberal Democrats of America and were structured as a transnational political party and later a political group at the same time during the reorganization of the American Parliament in the 1970s. Its current structure was established in 1985 after another reorganization of the party.

Outside of its name and organizational changes, the Liberal Democrats are also renamed based off of translation from official languages in the CAS and are translated as such;

  • French: Libéraux démocrates d'Amérique
  • Spanish: Demócratas liberales de América
  • German: Liberaldemokraten von Amerika
  • Russian: Либерал-демократы Америки
  • Portuguese: Democratas Liberais da América

History[edit | edit source]

Ideology and platform[edit | edit source]

The Liberal Democrats of America is a political party that is centered around a platform espousing, defending and supporting liberalism and various forms of it. The most common forms of liberalism the LDA adheres to are liberal democracy, social and cultural liberalism, and economic liberalism. The LDA believes in advancing social and economic equality and progress for all peoples in Anglo-America and is committed to the defense of civil liberties and expanding them whenever and wherever possible. Socially, the party is in favor of advancing civil rights for all groups and is opposed to laws, legislation and customs that justify barring historically marginalized groups such as LGBT people, ethnic and racial minorities, and peoples outside of the Americas (mostly from Asia and the Middle East).

Organization[edit | edit source]

Membership[edit | edit source]

Country Party name Abbr. Legislature upper house seats Legislature lower house Seats Status
 Alaska Liberal Democratic Party LDP
8 / 20
23 / 60
 Argentina Democratic Renewal
Renovación democrática
13 / 72
98 / 257
Flag of Astoria.svg Astoria Liberal Party L
6 / 65
9 / 195
Flag of The Empire of Brazil 1822-1889.png Brazil Democratic Party
Partido democrático
54 / 120
259 / 487
 Chile Democratic Movement and Action
Movimiento y Acción Democrática
3 / 30
12 / 169
Confidence and Supply
Liberal Alliance of Chile
Alianza Liberal
19 / 30
91 / 169
Flag of the Federation of Central America.svg Central America Democratic Alliance of Central America
Alianza Democrática
10 / 50
37 / 234
4th Proposal.svg Greenland TBD TBD
0 / 31
 Paraguay Revival Party
Partido Renacimiento
14 / 20
47 / 80
Flag of São Leopoldo.svg São Leopoldo Liberal Party
Partido Liberal
18 / 66
0 / 1
 Sierra Democratic-Republican Party D-R
45 / 155
73 / 326
Honeybee Party (Deseret) P
0 / 24
(Deseret seats; TBD)
1 / 14
(Deseret seats)
Democratic Party (Bajaría)
Partido Democratica
2 / 15
(Bajaría seats)
10 / 42
(Bajaría seats)
 Superior Liberal Democratic Party LDP
26 / 62
89 / 262
Civil Flag of Guyana.svg West Indies Liberal and Co-Operative Party LSCP
60 / 130

Regional Partners[edit | edit source]

Country Party name Abbr. Legislature upper house seats Legislature lower house Seats Status
 China Democratic Progressive Party
274 / 870
 Germany Free Democratic Party
Freie Demokratische Partei
8 / 69
80 / 709
 Japan Liberal Party
13 / 245
20 / 500
Democratic Party
30 / 245
90 / 500
 Manchuria New Progressive Party
Xīn Jìnbù Dǎng
212 / 685
Confidence and supply
Democratic Union for Change
Mínzhǔ liánméng de biànhuà
10 / 685
Confidence and supply
 Netherlands Democratic Alliance DA
7 / 75
25 / 150
 United Kingdom Liberal Party LP
86 / 771
122 / 638
Social Democratic Party SDP
170 / 771
112 / 638

American Council Ministers[edit | edit source]

American Secretariat Members[edit | edit source]

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