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Libertarian Party of Kalșeri

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Libertarian Party
Hișeaton Eri
President Damian Feynman (EV)
Secretary-General Fulgencio Hasenkamp (LG)
Spokesperson Hon. Rick Gosling (JV)
Founder Damian Feynman
Slogan For a golden future
Founded January 17, 2007 (2007-01-17)
Preceded by Libertarian Unity Party
Headquarters 194 Pettridge Road, Tașarél, Evalria
Newspaper The Free Man's Journal
Student wing Students for Freedom
Youth wing Young Libertarians
Membership  (2018) 178,000
Ideology Classical liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Cultural liberalism
International affiliation International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Liberal International
Official colors Gold
0 / 42
House of Reps
15 / 200
1 / 14
Cantonal seats
48 / 531

The Libertarian Party (Kalhan: Hișeaton Eri) is a political party in Kalșeri. It is currently represented in the House of Representatives.

The current party is the third iteration of a libertarian party in Kalșeri; the first was the Libertarian Party, founded in 1974 by economist Iakob Saint-Vincent and dissolved in 1986, and the second being the Libertarian Unity Party (LUP), which lasted from 1993 to 1999. Initially regarded as a fringe party, the Libertarian Party has gained traction in the latter half of the 2010's, almost overtaking the Liberal Democratic Party as the second-most voted political group in the 2019 presidential election. This rise in popularity was also because some important Liberal Democrats, as well as some of the more liberal Social Cooperationists, defected to the Libertarian Party throughout the 2010s. In June 2020, activist Fulgencio Hasenkamp was appointed Secretary of the Party.

Throughout its existence, the party has often sided with the Liberal Democrats over most economic issues, and with the Social Cooperationists over most social issues.

Party positions

Internal policy

  • Abolish most licenses, such as for radio and TV broadcasting, for selling alcohol and drugs and for running for public offices

Economic policy

  • Support the free market and gradually withdraw unnecessary government interference
  • Establish the Universal Basic Income and replace minimum wage laws with it
  • Abolish the income tax and decrease other taxes
  • Abolish fees for the renewal of identity documents
  • Streamline economic regulation laws to cover only the "necessary provisions"
  • Phase out the Ministry of Social Insurance, state health insurance and other welfare state measures in favor of alternatives
  • Eliminate the right of eminent domain
  • Phase out public and state-supported labor unions
  • Establish a flat tax
  • Decrease spending in defense
  • Repeal "unnecessary" environmental regulations
  • Defund the police

Social policy

Foreign policy

  • End Kalșerian membership in the NATO
  • End all Kalșerian military missions abroad in favor of an internal defense


Name Born Nomination End of term Note
Damian Feynman (1969-04-15) April 15, 1969 (age 54)
January 17, 2007 June 25, 2020 As Leader of the Party
Fulgencio Hasenkamp (1971-11-05) November 5, 1971 (age 51)
Goldshore, KL
June 25, 2020 incumbent First proper Secretary

Election results

Presidential elections

Election Candidate Percentage of votes (%) Votes cast Opponent Outcome
2009 Damian Feynman 2.4% 420,000 Sebastianus Linș (LDP)
Aleksandrus Șáșnegi (SCP)
Cassandra Newell (K4C)
Failed to reach second round
2014 Damian Feynman 8.9% 1,613,125 Maksimilianus Ureska (SCP)
Élena Kunar (LDP)
Cassandra Newell (K4C)
Failed to reach second round
2019 Damian Feynman 22.9% 4,537,485 Maksimilianus Ureska (SCP)
Alejandra Ríos Soriano (LDP)
Cassandra Newell (K4C)
Matthew Chandler (M4A)
Failed to reach second round

House of Representatives elections

Election Percentage of votes (%) Votes cast HoR seats Seat change Secretary Majority?
2007 0.7% 110,425
1 / 200
1 Damian Feynman No
2012 6.1% 1,159,000
12 / 200
11 Damian Feynman No
2017 18.2% 4,004,000
36 / 200
24 Damian Feynman No
2022 TBA TBA
15 / 200
21 Fulgencio Hasenkamp No


The party has been the target of criticism for its seemingly ambiguous position on child pornography. In 2017, Feynman addressed the point on Twitter, stating that the Party would never allow itself to support child pornography or pedophilia. Following the statement, several journalists have commented that the Party's censorship phase-out clause may give way to a legal distribution of lolicon and shotacon material; Feynman chose not to respond to the comments. Some representatives from the Party declared that as long as actual children or overly realistic depictions of children were not involved, the Libertarian Party "had no reason to censor such material".

Similarly, the Party's program contains no mention of bestiality. When confronted about the abstention of the Party on the Sexual Interspecies Relations Act of 2018, which reiterated the de facto ban on bestiality in Kalșeri, Feynman said that "[f]rom a personal point of view, [he] could not bring [him]self to support zoophilia, but imposing a full-on prohibitory stance goes against the very principle of the Libertarian Party." Since then, the Party has maintained its silence on the matter, leaving freedom of choice to the members.

Another point of contention for the party is the round of mandatory vaccinations for joining the Armed Forces and upon entering the first year of primary school: several high-ranking members within the party called for these requirements to be scrapped, stating that being forced to undergo vaccinations against one's will is a violation of basic human rights. The Party has also been criticized for seemingly wanting to phase out mandatory education for the same reason.

In November 2020, House spokesperson John Hellwig was detained by the police for possession of "problematic material featuring minors", and subsequently resigned as Representative.