Ligerian Neum (Origo Mundi)

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Kingdom of Neum
Kingdom of Neum
838 - Present

946 - 1063
(In union with Mouri
1063 - Present
(Syresian client state)

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Capital Neum
Languages Yannian, Azozian, Mesallian
Religion Ligerian Ulmism, Ulmism, Yannian, Mesallian
Government Theocratic Monarchy
 •  f. 900s Liger
Historical era Classical
 •  Yannian Crusade 838 838
 •  Union over Mouri 946
 •  Dissolution of Mouri 1055
 •  Disestablished N/A
Currency Shekels, Various others
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Mouri Empire
Syresian Republic
Derigi Empire

Ligerian Neum, known officially as the Kingdom of Neum by its inhabitants, was a nation founded in the 9th century in the continent of Letsia. The nation was created following a successful "crusade" instigated by the former Anointed One of the late Yannis Empire and various Yannian religious sects, launched against the Mouri Empire. Although motivated by religious zealotry to destroy or harm the traditional enemy of the Yannians, and by a de jure legal precedent that the Annointed One was titular emperor of Xera since the Treaty of Ema concluding the Second Xeran-Yannian War (629-672), the war was championed by a unique sect of the Yannian faith, later known as the Ligerians, or Ligerian Ulmists.

The Ligerian faith was created from the destructive end of the Yannis Empire, blending Yannian and Ulmian traditions into a new faith. At its core was the concept of "East and West", which would come together in a violent synthesis to form a new messianic kingdom, replacing the traditional Azozian and Yannian states. From this kingdom would be born the prophecised messiah figure that would create the "New Kingdom". To this end the Kingdom of Neum was forcefully carved out as this religious focal point, and came to encompass a unique blend of Yannian and Azozian customs as well.

Although not the founder of the Neumite kingdom, the kingdom is most strongly associated with the monarch Liger, who gives the Kingdom of Neum its colloquial term. Liger would become one of the central figures of the Yannian-Azozian mythology, successfully unite the kingdom after the chaotic century following its creation, and oversee a personal union over the Mouri Empire after 946, when he wed Alasana III, Anka of Edom, who was also Mouri Emperor. For the next 150 years the Neumite period over Azoz would transpire, which ultimately ended in the empire's disintegration, first to the Derigi Empire, before being conquered by the Syresian Republic and other nations. In 1063 the King of Neum swore allegiance to the Syresians as a client king, severing Neum from the Derigi, and paving the way for annexation to Syres.