List of Assai Emperors

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House of be Aʃe[edit | edit source]

Erunas I be Aʃe (4509 Ʋ-4524 Ʋ)

Kade I be Aʃe (Kade the Conqueror) (4524 Ʋ-4556 Ʋ - conquered Pashran.

Kade II be Aʃe (4556 Ʋ-4568 Ʋ) - led the Runic Wars, died there.

Ashar I be Aʃe (Ashar the Magnificent) (4568 Ʋ-4599 Ʋ) - conquered Southern Assai and the Korat.

Kade III be Aʃe (4599 Ʋ-4606 Ʋ) - reformed the army.

Erunas II be Aʃe (4606 Ʋ-4622 Ʋ) - introduced Erunasism (feudalism)

Nivos I be Aʃe (4622 Ʋ-4634 Ʋ) - began the invasion of Syon.

Kade IV be Aʃe (4634 Ʋ-4650 Ʋ) - ended the conquest of Syon.

Ashar II be Aʃe (4650 Ʋ-4672 Ʋ) - established a large scale navy and diplomatic ties internationally, connecting the empire with the world. Also began the conquest of Eastern Assai by invading Abara.

Nivos II be Aʃe (Nivos the Unready) (4672 Ʋ-4674 Ʋ - had no heir, lead to the Wars of Succession.

Wars of Succession[edit | edit source]

Several key competitors:

  • Kaikúras Iánato, Tsai of Ria: The brother-in-law of Nivos II, who held extreme religious power in the form of being the Tsai.
  • Atsu be Tire, Útar of Eó: Also from Euros, the grandson of Kade IV who was an extremely intelligent military leader and diplomat.
  • Kolaɀ III Astaban, Útar of Astaban: A powerful political figure in Pashran who was the younger brother of Ashar II.
  • Eru be Aʃe, Atan of Riánako: A distant cousin of Nivos II and the only competitor belonging to House be Aʃe.

House of be Tire[edit | edit source]

Atsu I be Tire (4678 Ʋ-4691 Ʋ) - launched an extensive conquest of Eastern Assai.

Atsu II be Tire (4691 Ʋ-4702 Ʋ) - finished the conquest of Eastern Assai.

Kaikúras I be Tire (4702 Ʋ-4708 Ʋ)

Kade V be Tire (3977 Ʋ-4722 Ʋ) - solidified control of Eastern Assai and made Assai an economic superpower.

Atsu III be Tire (4722 Ʋ-4734 Ʋ)

Kaikúras II be Tire (4734 Ʋ-4744 Ʋ)

Erunas III be Tire (4744 Ʋ-4748 Ʋ)

Atsu IV be Tire (4748 Ʋ-4766 Ʋ)

Atsu V be Tire (4766 Ʋ-4780 Ʋ)

Nivos III be Tire (4780 Ʋ-4788 Ʋ)

Ashar III be Tire (4788 Ʋ-4802 Ʋ)

Atsu VI be Tire (4802 Ʋ-4818 Ʋ)

Kaikúras III be Tire (3977 Ʋ-4831 Ʋ)

Atsu VII be Tire (4831 Ʋ-4850 Ʋ)

Seras be Tire (4850 Ʋ-4867 Ʋ)

Kade VI be Tire (4867 Ʋ-4882 Ʋ)

Erunas IV be Tire (4882 Ʋ-4889 Ʋ)

Atsu VIII be Tire (4889 Ʋ-4897 Ʋ)

Kade VII be Tire (4897 Ʋ-4914 Ʋ)

Kade VIII be Tire (4914 Ʋ-4925 Ʋ)

Ashar IV be Tire (4925 Ʋ-4936 Ʋ)

Kade IX be Tire (4936 Ʋ-4958 Ʋ)

Empire of Greater Assai[edit | edit source]

Kade IX be Tire (4958 Ʋ-4960 Ʋ)

Ashar V be Tire (4960 Ʋ-4967 Ʋ)

Kade X be Tire (4967 Ʋ-4985 Ʋ)

Nivos IV be Tire (4985 Ʋ-5001 Ʋ)

Atsu IX be Tire (5001 Ʋ-5007 Ʋ)

Kade XI be Tire (5007 Ʋ-5019 Ʋ) - technically, some interruptions