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List of Helvoran Monarchs

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King of the Kingdom of Helvore
Re̗a te le Ren Aelve̗a
Coat of Arms of Helvore.png
Andreu II.jpg
Andreu II
since November 17, 2011
Style His/Her Majesty
Heir apparent Maksimilian, Prince of Tosque
First monarch Richarde I
Formation July 17, 950
Residence Helvoran Flag.png Royal Palace of Rossterre
Rossterre, TS, Helvore
Kingdom of Helvore

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Politics and government of the
Kingdom of Helvore

This article is a comprehensive list of the Monarchs of the Kingdom of Helvore from the 7th century CE. For the political institution of the monarchy itself, please see Monarchy of Helvore.

The Monarchs of Helvore have ruled the Kingdom of Helvore since its establishment on the 17th of July, 950 CE until the present. The role of the ruling monarch of Helvore has changed since the Helvoran Revolution and Civil War in the late seventeenth century, from being an absolute ruler to one who is constitutionally restricted by the people of Helvore, represented in the Helvoran Constitution.

The predecessor dynasty to that of the modern Helvoran monarchy is that of the Saignvalourians, who ruled the Saignvalourian Aeletic Kingdoms during the Dark Ages. The Aelvoran Saignvalourians, who ruled the Kingdom of Aelevoria, would later become the first monarchs of the unified Kingdom of Helvore under the House of Saignvalour.

The House of Astonbury, a branch of the Rhythian monarchy, ruled as the dominant house of Helvore from the early 13th century, as a result of changing diplomatic relations between the Houses and the inability of Richarde II to produce a Saignvalourian heir. This house would continue to rule the Kingdom of Helvore until the diplomatic annexation of Mastenburg into the Kingdom of Helvore in the 15th century, wherein the Mastenburgian branch of the Saignvalours regained political control. As such, the House of Mastienne (also known as the restored House of Saignvalour) established dominance.

Following the Helvoran Revolution, the absolutist Helvoran monarchy was overthrown, being replaced with the Helvoran Republic. At the conclusion of the Helvoran Civil War, a Bayerist Constitutional Monarchy was established, with Richarde de Vois being elected as the new monarch of the House of de Vois, which has remained in power until the present day.

Saignvalourian Kings

The Kings of the Saignvalourian Empire and its successor Kingdoms formed the predecessor to the modern-day Kingdom of Helvore. The Saignvalourians originated as an Aelvoran dynasty which ruled what is modern-day St. Crimse before expanding to conquer most of the Aquitanian coast. The Saignvalourians rose to prominence during the reign of Verciceris II, the son of Maesis (c. 602-647), who established the Saignvalourian Empire.

Portrait Name King From King Until Death Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Verciceris II the Eagle 636 665 Died of natural causes aged 48. Buried in an unknown location. Son of Maesis, grandson of Verciceris I.
Calis 665 694 Died from Tuberculosis aged 40. Buried at the Chapelle des Saignvaloures in Aelemont. Son of Verciceris I
The Saignvalourian Empire was then divided among each of Calis's five sons, with each Saignvalourian successor state remaining independent until the unification of the Aelvoran Union of Kings in 950 CE. The following lists the rulers of the Saignvalourian Kingdom of Aelvoria (a Saignvalourian successor state).
Amion I 694 708 Died of disease, aged around 29. Third son of Calis.
Attis I 708 November, 726 Killed during a hunting accident, aged 45. Son of Amion I
Rhaecys the Valiant November 726 739 Killed in the Battle of Toure, aged 29. Son of Attis I
Amion II the Old 739 771 Died of natural causes, aged 61. Second (surviving) son of Attis I
Attis II 771 December 792 Died of natural causes, aged 49. Son of Amion II.
Attis III the Great December 792 14 November 826 Died under mysterious circumstances during the wedding celebration of his youngest daughter. Son of Attis II.
Richarde I 14 November 826 17 September 854 Died of an unknown disease, aged 51. Son of Attis III
Maesis 17 September 854 14th June 855 Killed by French spies, aged 34. Eldest son of Richarde I
Following the assassination of Maesis the Aelvoran monarchy entered a period of turmoil which lasted between June to August 855. During this time, numerous claims were made to the throne, with Aemecis I ultimately coming to power.
Aemecis I 9th August 855 12th February 877 Died of natural causes, aged 61. Second son of the daughter of Richarde I, or the cousin of Maesis.
Aemecis II 12th February 877 9th December 891 Died of dental post-surgical complications, aged 42. Son of Aemecis I
Richarde II 9th December 891 14th June 915 Died of complications to Heart function, aged 44. Son of Aemecis II
Attis IV 14th June 915 17th November 922 Drowned during a storm travelling across the Straight of Grenliviche Son of Richarde II
Aemecis III 17th November 922 12 March 945 Died of pneumonia, aged 37. Son of Attis IV
Richarde III the Great

(later Richarde I of Helv

12th March 945 2 September 1001 Died of natural causes aged 73. Buried at Abbey de St. Cristophe de la Croix until 1793, when the remains were relocated to the Cathédrele de St. Petere. Son of Aemecis III

House of Saignvalour

The House of Saignvalour was the first royal house of the Kingdom of Helvore, and consists of the lineage of King Richarde I, an Aelvoran who lead to the creation of the Kingdom of Helvore, and its eventually conquest of the entire Helvoran Peninsula under the rule of Queen Madeline I (1083-1137), and unification of all its historical cultures, languages, and customs. Several famous monarchs from this period include King Richarde I (950-1001), King Henri I (1044-1052), and Queen Madeline I (1083-1137).

Portrait: Name: King/Queen From: King/Queen Until: Death: Relationship with Predecessor(s):
Richarde I the Great King of Aelvoria:12th March 945.

King of Helvore:

17th July 950

1001 Died of natural causes aged 73. Buried at Abbey de St. Cristophe de la Croix until 1793, when the remains were relocated to the Cathédrele de St. Petere. Son of Aemecis III
James I 1001 1031 Died of natural causes aged 74. Buried at the Abbey de St. Cristophe de la Croix. Son of Richarde I
James II 1031 1044 Died aged 52. Son of James I
Henri I 1044 1052 Died aged 41. Remains destroyed by people, as King Henri I was an unpopular king. Son of James II
Lord Zaquerie de Lyonier


June, 1052 June, 1052 Executed aged 27 for being a pretender to the throne. Adopted son of Henri I
Thomas I 1052 1083 Died aged 68 Son of James II
Madeleine I the Kind 1083 1137 Died of natural causes aged 76. Buried at the Abbey de St. Madeline. Daughter of Thomas I
Maximilian I 1137 1152 Died in the Battle of Windsor, aged 45. Grandson of Madeleine I
Henri II 1152 1168 Died aged 48. Son of Maximilian I
Richarde II 1168 10th of September, 1204 Died of Tuberculosis without an heir, aged 61. Son of Henri II

House of Astonbury

The House of Astonbury was the second of the noble houses to rule the Kingdom of Helvore, following the death of Richarde II, who died without heir. The House of Astonbury came to power with the marital union of Richarde II of the House of Saignvalour and Elizabeth Darkmore of the House of Astonbury. Under the domain of the House of Astonbury, Helvore saw the establishment of feudalism, increasing political ties with England and France, and the flourishing of the arts and medieval literature.

Portrait: Name: King/Queen From: King/Queen Until: Death: Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Eloise I

the Bold

11th of September, 1204. 14th of July, 1245 Died in a hunting accident. Buried at Astonbury Cathedral (Helvoran: Cathédrele d'Astonbury). Grand-daughter of Maximilian I
Jacob I 14th of July, 1245 9th of August, 1266 Died in a storm whilst on board the HMS Aegelle Nouveux, aged 52. Son of Eloise I
Thomas II the Grand 9th of August, 1266 28th of February, 1299 Died of natural causes, aged 64. Son of Jacob I
Thomas III 28th of February, 1299 6th of March, 1304 Died in the Battle of Houvres, aged 27. Son of Thomas II
Thomas IV the Pious 6th of March, 1304 11th of December, 1341 Died of natural causes, aged 67. Buried at Le Cathédrele du St. Alexandre de la Croix. Grand-son of Jacob I
Madeleine II 11th of December, 1341 19th of May, 1355 Assassinated by English espionage agents, aged 35. Daughter of Thomas IV
Maximilian II 19th of May, 1355 2nd of January, 1368 Died in the Battle of Pont Tourelle, aged 29. Grand-son of Thomas III
Richarde III the Deceiver 2nd of January, 1368 24th of June, 1395 Disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Age of death unknown. Grand-son of Madeline II
Eloise II 24th of June, 1395 18th of September, 1426 Died from heart attack, aged 59. Daughter of Richarde III

House of Mastienne (Restored House of Saignvalour)

The House of Mastienne was the third royal house of the Kingdom of Helvore. Following the death of Eloise II, who had no heirs, a period of brief political chaos ensued during the month-long September War of 1426. During this war, belligerents included various monarchic dynasties which claimed right to the Helvoran throne. In the end, the House of Mastienne (in fact a branch of the House of Saignvalour), gained control of Helvore with the crowning of Xavier I.

Portrait: Name: King/Queen From: King/Queen Until: Death: Relationship with Predecessor(s):
Xavier I the Iron. 4th of October, 1426. 7th of February, 1471 Died in a storm on board the RMS Volkreich, travelling to Mästenburg, aged 72. Great-Great-Grand-son of Madeleine II
Henri III 7th of February, 1471 13th of October, 1488 Died in the Battle of Thyrbourge, aged 34. Son of Xavier I
Richarde IV 13th of October, 1488 27th of November, 1506 Died of Tuberculosis, aged 34. Buried at the Cathédrele de St. Christophe de la Croix. Grand-son of Xavier I
James III the Wise 27th of November, 1506 22nd of June, 1529 Assassinated by Mästenburgian insurgents, aged 41. Son of Henri III
Jacob II the Young 22nd of June, 1529 10th of July, 1532 Killed during the Second Battle of Thyrburg, aged 26. Son of James III
Maximilian III the Victorious 10th of July, 1532 4th of April, 1555 Died from wounds gained during the Battle of Ross-Thyrburg, aged 59. Grand-son of Henri III
Madeleine III 4th of April, 1555 24th of April, 1567 Died of Cancer, aged 34. Daughter of Maximilian III
Victoix I 24th of April, 1567 15th of December, 1589 Died from a riding accident, aged 46. Daughter of Maximilian III
Maximilian IV 15th of December, 1589 29th of March, 1613 Died during the Battle of Callais, aged 49. Son of Madeleine III
Thomas V the Conqueror 29th of March, 1613 3rd of June, 1640 Died from wounds received during the Battle of Amsterdam, aged 52. Son of Maximilian IV
Maximilian V the Fool 3rd of June, 1640 21st of September, 1653 Stoned to death by members of the public, aged 36. Son of Thomas V
Xavier II 21st of September, 1653 25th of May, 1664 Died of Pneumonia, aged 34. Grand-son of Thomas V
Thomas VI the Cruel 25th of May, 1664 6th of October, 1666 Executed during the Battle of Roixterre, at the climax of the Helvoran Revolution. Grand-son of Thomas V

Helvoran Republic

With the execution of Thomas VI at the Battle of Roixterre on the 6th of October, 1666, Sébastian de Gallonterre declared himself president of the Helvoran Republic, effectively abolishing the Kingdom of Helvore for nine years between 1666 and 1675. During this time, as the Helvoran Civil War was fought between the Republicans, Royalists, and Bayerists, several individuals serves as presidents of the Republic of Helvore. With the creation of the constitutional Kingdom of Helvore in 1678, the Helvoran Republic ended, and a new King was elected by the people.

Portrait: Name: President From: President Until: Death: Relationship with Predecessor(s):
Sébastian de Gallonterre 6th of October, 1666 13th of October, 1674 Was not killed at the end of presidency. None.
Édouard Rouelle 13th of October,1674 1st of August, 1675 Executed for treason at the end of his term, aged 38. Leader of the Bayerist Movement, rebelling against de Gallonterre
Sébastian de Gallonterre 1st of August, 1675 9th of August, 1675 Exiled at the end of his term. Never heard of again. None.
Jules-Alexandre Bayereux 9th of August, 1675 11th of August, 1675 Died of natural causes in 1694. None.

House of de Vois

The House of de Vois is the fourth and current Royal House of the Kingdom of Helvore. Its first king, Richarde V, was elected by the people of Helvore following the abolition of the Helvoran Republic and establishment of a Bayerist Constitutional Monarchy.

Historians now believe that Richarde V was in fact a distant cousin of Thomas VI, and thus, in effect, a continuation of the Saignvalourian Dynasty. This fact, however, is contested, and many simply consider the House of de Vois to be unrelated to that of the House of Mastienne or its predecessors.

Portrait: Name: King/Queen From: King/Queen Until: Death: Relationship with Predecessor(s):
Richarde V the Great 11th of August, 1675 3rd of April, 1688 Died of Cancer, aged 46. None.
Madeleine IV

the Loving

3rd of April, 1688 12th of December, 1701 Died of natural causes, aged 72. Daughter of Richarde V
Maximilian VI the Eagle of Helvore 12th of December, 1701 9th of August, 1717 Died during the Battle of Haighes, aged 29. Son of Madeleine IV
Henri IV 9th of August, 1717 5th of October, 1744 Drowned to death on board the HMS Coudellier, travelling from Rhythe to Amsterdam. Grand-son of Madeleine IV
Jacob III 5th of October, 1744 18th of April, 1771 Died of natural causes, aged 69. Son of Henri IV
James IV the Lion 18th of April, 1771 21st of February, 1798 Killed during the Battle of Ecalladise, aged 38. Son of Jacob III
Victoix II 21st of February, 1798 23rd of December, 1805 Died during a hunting accident, aged 28. Grand-son of Jacob III
Jules I the Defiant 23rd of December, 1805 8th of October, 1843 Killed whilst on a diplomatic mission in France. Exact age unknown, speculated to be 56 or 57. Great-Grand-son of Jacob III
Maximilian VII 8th of October, 1843 11th of August, 1865 Died of Tuberculosis, aged 48. Son of Jules I
Jules II the Conqueror 11th of August, 1865 18th of February, 1893 Died of Pneumonia, aged 54. Son of Maximilian VII
Henri V the Brave 18th of February, 1893 22nd of June, 1918 Killed during an air raid on Roixterre, aged 42. Son of Jules II
Richarde VI 22nd of June, 1918 31st of May, 1938 Died of Pneumonia,aged 55. Brother of Henri V
Victoix III the Great 31st of May, 1938 12th of June, 1952 Died of natural causes, aged 87. Daughter of Richarde VI
Henri VI 12th of June, 1952 11th of March, 1973 Died of a heart attack, aged 58. Son of Victoix III
Richarde VII 11th of March, 1973 30th of November, 2003 Died of cancer, aged 62. Son of Henri VI
Richarde VIII 30th of November, 2003 1st of January, 2011 Still living. Son of Richarde VII
Eloise III 1st of January, 2011 17th of November, 2011. Died in a car accident, aged 35. Eldest daughter of Richarde VIII
Andreux I


17th of November, 2011. Still king. Still living. Eldest son of Richarde VIII

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