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List of Klahoni leaders

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This is a list of Klahoni leaders until year 1 AU. For later leaders, see the List of Paakkani leaders. While the details of the later monarchs are confirmed by a number of sources, the earlier ones are in many cases obscure and incomplete.

Klahoni Chiefdom

Reign Incumbent Notes
Klahoni dynasty
Klahoni Chiefdom
Legendary rulers
c. 2000 to 1960 BU Klahone Legendary founder.
c. 1960 to 1930 BU Sinekwi Legendary son of Klahone.
c. 1930 to 1900 BU Klahotelo Grandson of Klahone, legendary founder of Klahota.
c. 1900 to 1780 BU Unknown chiefs Descendants of Klahone.
Confirmed rulers
c. 1780 to 1760 BU Saaketwabe First known chief.
c. 1760 to 1750 BU Kabudoke Founder of Kaplu, son of Saaketwabe.
c. 1750 to 1720 BU Hekelito Son of Kabudoke.
c. 1720 to 1700 BU Unknown Most likely son of Hekelito.
c. 1700 to 1650 BU Kaapuke Grandson of Hekelito, expanded the territory to the north and east .
c. 1650 to 1590 BU Pwekeeno Expanded territory to the south
Great Klahoni Chiefdom
c. 1590 to 1560 BU Kwetellino
c. 1560 to 1520 BU Ssekuutale
c. 1520 to 1305 BU Unknown chiefs No evidence has been found of rulers from that time
1305 to 1283 BU Littemwe Won a war against Habulli Rebels
1283 to 1259 BU Switemakku
1259 to 1238 BU Kamwili Estabilished the First Kingdom of Klahoni
First Kingdom of Klahoni
1238 to 1219 BU Kamwili First Klahoni King
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