List of Sierran royal residences

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Sierran royal residences are the palaces, mansions, and houses occupied by members of the Sierran royal family in the Kingdom of Sierra. A number of royal residences, including the Occidental Palace and the Hearst Castle, are owned by the Crown. Other residences are personally owned, having been passed down through generations, or purchased by members of the Sierran royal family.

The Royal Household of Sierra administers and manages the occupied royal residences owned by the Crown. The Royal Park Service administers manages the unoccupied royal residences. The National Royal Sites consist of royal residential grounds and buildings which belong to the Royal Park System and under the care of the RPS. All royal residences held by the Crown hold legal privileges as the residential grounds are protected under special status. Such residences are thus exempt from certain federal, provincial, and local laws, as well as standard judicial proceedings, under certain circumstances.

Current royal residences[edit | edit source]

Residence Location Type Residents Notes
Occidental Palace Porciúncula, Gold Coast Crown Official Porciúncula residence
Hearst Castle San Simeon, Kings Crown The Queen Official country residence
Palace-by-the-Bay San Francisco City, San Francisco Crown The Queen Official summer residence, also a National Royal Site
Marmalade Manor Salt Lake City, Wasatch Crown The Queen Official Deseretian residence (whenever the royal family undertake official duties in the Deseret)
Chartwell House Porciúncula, Gold Coast Crown The King Father and the Queen Mother Official Porciúncula residence, grace and favor
Manning Park Montecito, Kings Private The King Father and the Queen Mother Inherited from the King Father's mother
Coronado Palace Coronado, Laguna Crown Official residence, leased from the Crown Estate
Vikingsholm South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Crown The Prince of San Diego and Duchess of Escondido Official country residence, leased from the Crown Estate
ʻIolani Palace Honolulu, Honolulu Crown The Queen Official Hawaiian residence (whenever the royal family undertake official duties in Hawaii), also a National Royal Site
Red Rock Castle Summerlin, Clark Crown The Countess of Sonora Official residence, grace and favor

Former royal residences[edit | edit source]

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