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List of approved E-Cars

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This is a list of E-Cars approved by the Libertan Department of Motor Vehicles.


E-Car Amount of Tires Ranking
Renault Twizy 4 C
Twike 3 HEHV
CityEl 3 C
Myers Motors NmG 4 C
Tazzari Zero 4 C
Uniti 4 C
Xiaomi M365/elk S1 2 A
Segway ES2 2 A
Fierre F1 3 B
Fierre Current 4 B/C
Fierre LeVi 4 C
Fierre Esport 4 C
Fierre Alpaca 3 B
Fierre Trush 4 C
Fierre Falcon 4 C
Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 2 A
Bond Bug 3 C
Aixam Minauto Range 4 C
Felber Autoroller 3 C
Zeta Sedan 4 C
Möve 101 3 C
Gurgel Itaipu 4 C
Vespa 400 4 C
Peugeot VLV 4 B
Goggomobil T250 4 C
Goggomobil TS 250 Coupe 4 C
Goggomobil TS 300 4 C
Cony Guppy 4 C
Daihatsu Mira 4 C
Fuji Cabin 3 C
Canta EV 4 C
Buddy 4 C
Toyota i-Road 3 C
Casalini Sulky 3 C
Casalini M10 Dayton 4 C
Casalini M20 4 C
AC Petite 3 C
Enfield 8000 4 C
Scootacar 3 C
Frisky Prince 3 C
Zastava 850 (as Niour 2) 4 C
PVT 400 4 C
Fuldamobil 3 C
Mikrus MR-300 4 C