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List of political parties in the Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

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Politics and government of the
Kingdom of Sierra

The Kingdom of Sierra is a multi-party western-style liberal and parliamentary democracy with over a dozen parties holding seats in the K.S. Parliament. The two oldest parties in the country are the Royalist and Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party of Sierra (DRPS), often refered to as the "founding parties", that were the first political parties to be formed in Sierra upon the kingdom's creation. Throughout the 19th century and most of the 20th century, the Royalists and Democratic-Republicans governed the country at various points in a two-party system, though several other parties did hold seats in Parliament and often cooperated with either of the two major parties at various points. In the 1990s, the Libertarian Party of Sierra rose to prominance and became a major national political party with mainstream attention and relevance. Starting in 1994, the term "Big Three" emerged to refer to the Royalists, Libertarians and the DRPS who were part of a political triumvirate and were the biggest parties in terms of membership, seats in parliament, and positions in the federal government and cabinet.

Other parties would emerge in the 1990s and 2000s such as the Social Democrats of Sierra (SDS) and the Green Party of Sierra (GPS) on the left and the Christian Demmocratic Party (CDP) on the right starting in the mid-2010s, often being labeled as third parties. In 2020, the Social Democrats won power for the first time and would be re-elected in 2021, seeing the Social Democrats displace the Libertarian Party as part of the Big Three, forcing the latter into the position as a minor party of minimul influence and relevancy. The Big Three parties, both previously and presently, frequently work with third parties in parliament as part of coalition governments or as a unified opposition. Common alliances include progressive coalitions between the DRPS, Social Democrats, and Green parties and conservative coalitions between the Royalists and Libertarians. While rare federally, there have been cases of coalitions between the DRPS and Royalist Parties, commonly called a cornflower coalition, with the most recent of such being formed after the election in 2022, though the practice is more common on the regional level in the legislatures of several provinces in Federal Sierra and other PSAs nationwide.

Operating under a system of devolution between four constituent countries, each of these countries have their own political parties, both as devolved affiliates of the national parties and regional parties exclusive to their respective countries. In Hawaii, the political parties consist of the devolved affiliates of national parties and two notable regionalist parties; the Hawaiian Sovereignty Party and the Hawaiian Independence Party. The Deseret consists of the People's Party and the Honeybee Party, both of which are aligned with the Royalists and DRPS respectively through party agreements, and the Social Democrats of the Deseret that are affiliated with the federal Social Democrats while Bajaría has their own regional parties with loose connections to their federal counterparts, based on ideological and policy agreements, instead of devolved affiliates.

Major parties

Logo Name Founded Ideology Seats in Senate Seats in House of Commons Political Position Membership Coalition
DRPS 2017.svg Democratic-Republican Party (DRPS) November 27, 1858 Progressivism, social liberalism, Third Way
69 / 155
92 / 326
Center-left 22.6 million Progressive
Royalist Party of Sierra 2020.svg Royalist Party (RPS) November 27, 1858 Social conservatism, monarchism, economic liberalism
47 / 155
91 / 326
Center-right 21.7 million Conservative
Logo of the Social Democrats of Sierra (2021).svg Social Democrats of Sierra (SDS) May 25, 1977 Social democracy, democratic socialism, progressivism, gradualism
8 / 155
44 / 326
Left 8.3 million Progressive

Significant fourth parties

Logo Name Founded Ideology Seats in Senate Seats in House of Commons Political Position Membership Coalition
Christian Democratic Party of Sierra.svg Christian Democratic Party (CDS) April 12, 2000 Christian democracy, Liberal conservatism, Economic liberalism
9 / 155
40 / 326
Center-right 550,000+ None
CUPB logo 2021 (2).svg Conservative and Unionist Party (Bajaría) March 6, 2021 Social conservatism, monarchism, Sierran unionism
7 / 155
16 / 326
Center-right 1,000,000+ Conservative
PDPB logo 2021.svg Progressive Democratic Party (Bajaría) March 7, 2021 Social democracy, Democratic socialism, Anti-capitalism
8 / 155
14 / 326
Left wing 1,000,000+ Progressive
DPB logo 2021.svg Democratic Party (Bajaría) March 6, 2021 Social liberalism, Progressivism, Third way
1 / 155
8 / 326
Center-left 400,000+ Progressive
Libertarian Party of Sierra.svg Libertarian Party (LPS) May 4, 1967 Civil libertarianism, lasseiz-faire economics, gradualism
2 / 155
8 / 326
Radical center 10.6 million Conservative
Green Party of Sierra.svg Green Party (GPS) April 3, 1967 Green politics, grassroots democracy, eco-communalist economics
2 / 155
7 / 326
Center-left 700,000+ Progressive
SUPB logo 2021.svg Social Unionist Party (Bajaría) March 8, 2021 Christian democracy, Liberal conservatism, Economic liberalism
0 / 155
4 / 326
Center-right 100,000+ None

Notable parties with no federal representation

Logo Name Founded Ideology Seats in Senate Seats in House Political Position Membership Coalition
Continentalist Party of Sierra.svg Continentalist Party (CPS) October 15, 1919 Communism, Marxism–Landonism, Continentalism, Anti-capitalism, Republicanism, Ameroskepticism
0 / 155
0 / 326
Far-left 9,000+ None
Communist Party of Sierra.svg Communist Party (COMPARS/CPS) October 11, 1928 Communism, Landonism, Anti-monarchism
0 / 155
0 / 326
Far-left 58,000+ None
Logo of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Party.svg Hawaiian Sovereignty Party (HSP) April 12, 1950 Hawaiian nationalism, Social democracy, Civic nationalism
0 / 155
0 / 326
Center left 220,000+ None
Mormon Independence Party.svg Mormon Independence Party (Deseret) April 3, 1938 Mormon nationalism, social conservatism, populism
0 / 155
0 / 326
Right wing 18,000+ None
Progressive Socialist Party of Sierra.png Progressive Socialist Party (PSS) June 8, 2001 Social justice, socialist feminism, progressivism, anti-monarchism, reformism
0 / 155
0 / 326
Far-left 40,000+ Progressive
Remove Kebab Party.svg Remove Kebab Party (RKP) September 30, 2008 Islamaphobia, anti-homosexuality, anti-immigration, social conservatism
0 / 155
0 / 326
Far-right 725,000+ None

Other political parties

  • Action Now Party (ANP)
  • Alliance of Animal Rights Voters (AARV)
  • Concerned Christians Coalition Party (CCCP)
  • Democratic Samoan Party (DSP)
  • Free and Democratic Party (FDP)
  • Islamic Party of Sierra (IPS)
  • Independencia por las Bajas Party (Independence for the Bajas; IPLB)
  • Independent Sierra Party (ISP)
  • Libertarian Socialists of Sierra (LSS)
  • National Derzhavist Party of Sierra (NASPS)
  • Objectivist Party of Sierra (OPS)
  • Pan-American and Pacific Unionist Party of Sierra (PAPU)
  • People First Party (PEF)
  • Pacifist Party of Sierra (PAP)
  • Pirate Party of Sierra (PIRS)
  • Reformed Democratic-Republican Party (RDRP)
  • Transhumanist Party of Sierra (TPS)
  • Sierran Independence Party (SIP)

Non-electoral organizations

These organizations function similarly to political parties but do not actively nominate candidates to political posts.

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