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List of settlements in Alcenia

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This article is under construction.

This is a list of all permanent settlements listed by the federal government of Alcenia for statistical purposes. The federal government divides permanent settlements into five classes based on population: principal city (500,000+), city (100,000+), town (50,000+), township (10,000+), and community (<10,000). Each state has its own system for classifying permanent settlements for jurisdictional purposes.


Area Capital
Alcenia Sunalie
Boske Kessington
Garfield Davis
Ilanuras Rhodes
Iluvia Jarson
Kalegav Cileo Grande
Keiwasta Burkabe
Nievia Suelo
Perro Rocosso Adrian
Sidanevi Shepard
Vellonia La Casa Calliente
Yewi Nalland


Place Type Date incorporated 2010 Population
Kessington City April 17, 1889 234,038
Sedding City September 1, 1904 143,784
Yulea City June 20, 1901 112,033
Pico Norte Town January 16, 1922 83,247
Puntoalgido Town December 1, 1944 77,987
Akre Town April 3, 1932 64,409
Danzoon Town March 11, 1905 51,022
Silaq Township August 18, 1921 38,363
Granain Township October 3, 1908 32,874
Carldover Township July 11, 1963 27,771
Rugdon Township May 30, 1947 26,470
Venwater Township November 13, 1938 22,794
Meteorange Township June 8, 1955 20,367
Dayburg Township January 17, 1978 19,089
Chelmsy Township July 18, 1946 16,945
Naliams Township July 11, 1949 13,576
Manside Township April 4, 1912 11,346
Dolojara Township September 10, 2003 10,891







Perro Rocosso