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Rules[edit | edit source]

Little Nations articles are subject to quality control by the Little Nations administration who exercise ultimate authority over all matters within the community. We reserve the right to delete articles/comments and to ban users from our community at our discretion; depending on the severity of the offences, no warning may be given.

Groups[edit | edit source]

See also Data Management Overmind.

See also New World Cooperation.

History[edit | edit source]

In the late 22nd century, contact was re-established with Moon Corporation who acted as the de-facto government for the Earth and it's moon. Moon Corporation's population primarily resided on the Antarctic archipelago due to virus 22. Volunteers were selected based on their age to participate in the Capsule program, requiring members to have lived throughout the early 21st century in healthy condition in order for a successful leap to be established.

In 12234, the Capsule program was abandoned unexpectedly due to the high costs and logistics associated with supporting the program, leaving several participants, including minors (post-leap), without resources. The decision was made following controversy over supporting a "high maintenance" program during a critical times, which the opposition party rallied behind for the 2231 elections. The Antarctic archipelago was the only semi-independent and multi-party region in Moon Corporation.

There have been talks of abandoning the remaining population on earth and relocating the remaining population to the Moon, but previous efforts have often indebted Moon Corporation with little results.

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