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Heinestadt, or officially Principality of Heinestadt (Heinic: Vürstendom fon Heinestadt) is a monarchic state in West Europe, created in 1868 after a war with Netherlands.

It has territory size of 3,087 km2, population of 128 000 people and capital in the city of Unmichstaad. Country is ruled by prince and princess, and Parliament with ministries is controlled by prime minister. Now, Alexander IV has taken the seat of prince, Sofia of Heinestadt is princess and Stefan Platz is a prime minister.

National currency is Euro, due to membership in EU. Before 2002, when Heinestadt became a member of EU, it had Heinic Guilders. Main economic branch is agriculture, especially growing cereals (wheat, rye, corn, oats), fishing and selling meat.


First settlement of Heins is believed to be Hænesc fortress. Of all what's known, it was inhabitated by 1000+ people, located on territory of modern Unmichstaad suburb of Sancht Lloid, and it was ruled by Lloid the Great. However, he is not a ancestor of Unmich dynasty. The fortress was occupated a lot of times, but huge army liberated the land. It was robbed and burnt by Frisians in 7th century.

Heins lived on territories of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium for decades, but their power has grown only in 19th century. In 1813, Heinic Comittee was created in Amsterdam. Ulrich Bunke was proclaimed to be the first leader of the group. At first, this organization protested in large cities like Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht. These protests were suppressed by government forces. In 1856, after nationalist Karl Honke became a leader, he changed the politics of gaining independence. Group started to attack cities and government buildings, so in 1857 it was proclaimed "terrorist" by Dutch government.

In 1866, group proclaimed war on Netherlands, and approved it by blowing bombs in Leeuwarden and Hague. War was ongoing for two years, until London Treaty was signed. In 1867, leader of comittee, Karl Honke was killed by explosion. His place was taken by local farmer Alexander Unmich, and he was the ancestor for Unmich dynasty. Unmich had political education, but he never came into politics.

After war, Alexander Unmich was given a title of prince. He was referred as Alexander I. His son, Heinrich, or Alexander II, started "Great Reforms Time" in 1889. Capital city was renamed to Unmichstaad, economics were developed, every farmer would get a land. New, more humane laws were made.

In 1957, first terrorist incident happened on territory of Heinestadt. Israeli delegation flew to Unmichstaad, but near the airport plane was blown up by Palestinian terrorist. In 2003, Iraqi terrorist Ali Tawfiq attacked the city of Unmichstaad, hijacking 3 vehicles and holding 10 people as hostages. In period of 2010s many refugees from African countries, especially Libya, Niger, Mali and Chad came into country.


Heinestadt is situated in West Europe. The only country that it borders is Netherlands, from other sides it's washed by North Sea. Country owns a large portion of North Holland (which is peninsula part without Amsterdam) and five Frisian islands: Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Noorderhaaks and Ameland.