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Lordosis  Explicit Content
Eliza Lordosis - Lordosis.png
Studio album by
Released June 9, 2017
Recorded 2017
Genre Heavy metal • black metal
Label Alcenian Records
Producer Milo Short
Eliza Lordosis chronology
Lordosis  Explicit Content
Hostis Humani Generis
Singles from Lordosis
  1. ""Why Am I Here""
    Released: May 4, 2017

Lordosis is the debut studio album of Alcenian musician Eliza Lordosis. It was released June 9, 2017 via Alcenian Records and was produced by Milo Short. The lead single, "Why Am I Here", was released May 4, 2017 to critical acclaim. Lordosis's first music video accompanied the single. The album combines elements of black metal with generic metal and was well-received for its dark tone, lyrical content and performance. Northwest Metal Today praised Lordosis's shrieking vocals saying "A banshee got a hold of a studio and began singing, and it's a soothing melody to our ears." The album's themes revolve around death, depression, Satanism, anti-Christian sentiment, sexual violence, and suicide.


Following the success of her SoundCloud and YouTube accounts, Lordosis announced in late 2016 that she was working on an album that was to be self-titled. She had signed a deal with Alcenian Records after she sent in a demo recording of what would become "Satan's Dues" which they liked. Milo Short was brought onboard as her producer and she began recording the album in early 2017.

Genre and themes

Lordosis borrows elements of many metal genres but predominately black metal. Elements of thrash and nu metal are also incorporated in the album. The structure of most of the listed tracks are slow in pacing in the first half and dramatically pick up in speed in the second half. Lordosis's vocals are often shrieking in nature which adds a distorted and demented feel to the album. Milo Short said after the album was completed "She gave me chills. Some people next door came in asking 'Who's being murdered?'

The lyrics of Lordosis deal with topics such as depression and suicide but also incorporate Satanic and anti-Christian elements. On this, Lordosis said "My faith is complex. I don't know what I believe or don't believe. I hail Satan and Mary every day".

Track listing

Original release
4."Who Dares"4:22
5."Love Is The Death of Duty"2:46
6."Satan's Dues"5:32
7."Stolen Girls"3:11
8."Why Am I Here"6:38
Total length:30:23