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Louis III
Robert I & IV
Mihai I.jpg
Coat of arms of Sierra.svg
King of Sierra
Reign September 18, 1945–September 9, 1991 (46 years)
Coronation March 15, 1946
Predecessor Louis II
Successor Angelia I
Prime Minister
Coat of arms of Palawan and Cuyo.svg
Emperor of Tondo
Reign September 18, 1945–June 6, 1946
Predecessor Louis I
Successor Monarchy abolished
Born February 1, 1913
Flag of Gold Coast.svg Porciúncula, Gold Coast
Died September 9, 1991 (aged 78)
Flag of Gold Coast.svg Porciúncula, Gold Coast
Burial September 27, 1991
Flag of Gold Coast.svg King's Crypt at La Brea,
Queen Consort Natalia of the Banat
Full name
Stephen Christopher Robert
Regnal name
Louis III
Posthumous name
Louis III, the Late King and Protector of the Sierrans
Royal house House of Columbia
Father Louis II
Mother Maylene of Michigan
Religion New Anglicans
Monarchical styles of
Louis III of Sierra
Coat of arms of Sierra.svg
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Sir

Louis III (Stephen Christopher Robert; February 1, 1913–September 9, 1991) was King of the Kingdom of Sierra and Emperor of Tondo who reigned from September 18, 1945 until his death in 1991. He was the longest reigning monarch in Sierra's history, whose reign lasted for 46 years that spanned nearly the entirety of the Cold War which began in the post-GWI period and ended during the final decade of the Cold War. During his reign, he held the era name Gōng Róng (公榮) and the historical period during Louis' reign is referred to as the Gongrong period. His official name among Sierran Jacobites was Robert I & IV, with I referring to Jacobites' belief that Louis was the first legitimate monarch bearing the name Robert in England and Ireland and the fourth such monarch in Scotland. Although Lewis did not pursue the pretender titles to these countries, he possessed direct ancestry to James II, the last Stuart monarch recognized by Jacobites to have ruled England, Scotland, and Ireland. Lewis was also the last Sierran monarch to possess the title "Emperor-King". He was the last Emperor of Tondo before Tondo gained its independence in 1946 and restored its indigenous monarchy.

Louis was born in Mulholland University Medical Center in the city of Porciúncula to Crown Prince Lewis, Duke of Newark (later Louis II) and Maylene, Duchess of Newark, later Queen Consort Maylene. As the eldest son, Lewis spent his childhood and young adulthood as the heir apparent to the throne while his father reigned as king. Like his father, he was educated at the Saint Vibiana Priory School in Porciúncula, and then Santa Monica Boarding School in Santa Monica. He studied biology at the University of Sierra, Porciúncula before serving four years in the Sierran Royal Navy. After he was invested as the Duke of Newark in 1931, he pursued a more active role in Sierran politics by advancing his father's ideas and working intergovernmentally as a liaison within the Privy Council.

Louis acceded the throne as the fourth monarch of Sierra in 1945 during the Interwar period when his father died from an automobile-related accident. During his reign, he presided over the continued development and maturation of the Sierran military-industrial complex in its rise as a superpower during the Cold War and transformative social, political, and cultural changes during the 1960s and 1970s. He played a proactive role as the head of state domestically and internationally, making frequent visits to Parliament to voice his regnal opinion and participating in foreign engagements abroad as a diplomat. Lewis collaborated extensively with his prime ministers and transformed the Privy Council into a central political apparatus that included the most senior officials in the civilian government and military. His involvement in partisan politics earned him the moniker as the "Meddling Monarch" by critics and political commentators as he further advanced the institution of the Sierran monarchy as an integral, invested force in Sierran politics. The extent of Louis' involvement has been speculated and debated throughout Sierran political discourse, particularly on his culpability surrounding The Disturbances, a period of unrest in the Styxie where political republicanism resurged in the region in direct opposition to Lewis and the monarchial state.

During and after his life, Louis was described as a polarizing figure who eschewed the traditional image of the Sierran monarchy. In contrast to his father who was viewed as passive, reserved, and jebbish, Louis was known for his charismatic and energetic style of leadership. As Crown Prince, he frequently sparred with critics and peers, whose personality was described as "problematic" by Prime Minister Poncio Salinas due to Louis' hot-temperedness and impulsive behavior. As king, he maintained a domineering presence at every level of the Royal Household who sought to further elevate the prestige and grandeur of the Sierran monarchy. His partisan-driven leadership also placed him at odds with republican-minded policymakers and fared poorly among the Democratic-Republican elite. Politically, he identified himself as a social conservative and a neoliberal, aligning himself more closely and explicitly along the Royalists who had traditionally supported the institution of the monarchy. In the midst of Cold War politics, Louis was an avowed anti-communist and was often represented as the ceremonial head of the capitalist Western Bloc in opposition to the Landintern and ICMMO.

Name[edit | edit source]

Louis III was christened as Stephen Christopher Robert. As a child, he was called Christopher or Chris, although as an adolescent and a young adult, Lewis personally preferred the use of the name Robert. Upon his ascension as King, he adopted the regnal name, Louis III in honor of his grandfather Louis I and his father, Louis II. The Sierran Hanzi era name, Gōng Róng (公榮) was chosen by the College of Arms. His era name is officially anglicized as Gongrong and is primarily used to calculate the Sierran era-based calendar. In Sierran Hanzi, the characters may be read as either "honorable glory" or "pride".

According to Sierran royal naming custom and protocol, the king was always referred to by his English regnal name, while his Chinese-based era name was used in official documents, including all internal communications involving the Sierran Royal Household and the Privy Council, formal edicts, and all acts passed by Parliament affixed with royal assent.

Among Sierran Jacobites, Louis III himself was known as Robert I & IV, in line with traditional Jacobite belief that the king and his predecessors within the House of Columbia are the rightful heirs to the British Crown. Lewis traces his bloodline directly to the usurped Stuart monarch James II via Lewis's great-great-great-grandmother Charlotte Stuart. He is affectionally remembered by Jacobites and sympathizers to the Jacobite cause today as the "Robbie King" or the "King Above the Highlands".

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Louis III of Sierra
Royal titles

Preceded by
Louis II

Monarch of Sierra
September 18, 1945–September 9, 1991
Succeeded by
Elizabeth I
Emperor of Tondo
September 18, 1945–June 6, 1946
Pretender to the British Throne
September 18, 1945–September 9, 1991
Protector of All Sierrans
September 18, 1945–September 9, 1991
Crown Prince of Mojave
February 1, 1913–September 18, 1845
Regnal titles

Preceded by
Louis I

Duke of Newark
February 1, 1931–September 18, 1945
Succeeded by
Elizabeth I
Duke of Albany
Jacobite peerage

February 1, 1931–September 18, 1945
Duke of York
Jacobite peerage

February 1, 1931–September 18, 1945