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Magno Documentationis de Historia

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Magno Documentationis de Historia
Author Nationalibus institutum de historia
Illustrators Various
Country Liberta
Language Latin, English
Subjects Subjects of national importance
Genre Encyclopedia
Publisher IDI
Publication date
500 AD (Now released on the 1st of July regularly since the 3rd edition)
Published in English
1st of July, 2000
Pages 5248
The Magno Documentationis de Historia (Latin for "[the] Great Documentation of History"), published by the Nationalibus institutum de historia, is a Latin-language encyclopedia of events in the history of Liberta, that served some sort of major importance, these events often being of cultural or political importance. It is written by more than 200 professors and consules. The 5th and latest edition published in 2000, which spans more than 8 volumes, 20 chapters, and more than 5000 pages.

Magno Documentationis de Historia is the oldest Latin-language based encyclopedia still in production to this day, however, the 5th version has also been written in English, making the encyclopedia more understandable in a now fully english speaking Liberta. It is to this day still valued as exponentially important when analyzing and understanding Libertan history. Historical events from the founding of Liberta until the 11th century the is the only trusted source. It is not only trusted because of the time immemorial but also because the Libertan State fact checks the information before publishing. The highly uncorrupted governance of the Libertan State gives, according to analysts, a small chance of the potential intentional change of the information in the encyclopedia because of intended political distortion of reality, such as propaganda. Between the ages of 200-500 AD, many have criticized the trustworthiness of the Magno Documentationis de Historia due to the strong nationalistic ideas during that age. However, the objective and informative formulations have shrunken the potential possibility of a political distortion, according to some analysts. The first edition of Magno Documentationis de Historia published the year 0 AD. It was officially published by the Nationalibus institutum de historia and was copied 20 times. They are all currently in the National Archives section of the National Library, they are all strictly monitored and are not available to the public, except in digital format. Each edition thereafter was published every 500 years.

The Magno Documentationis de Historia is sorted into 8 volumes, each one divided into different sort of events. It is also sorted into sub-subdivisions, these are known as chapters, and there is 20 total of them, each chapter for every century. 


The Magno Documentationis de Historia