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What is Conworlding?

Conworlding, also called worldbuilding, is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe. The resulting world may be called a constructed world or a conworld. The term "worldbuilding" was popularized at science fiction writers' workshops in the 1970s. Developing an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as a history, geography, and ecology is a key task for many science fiction or fantasy writers. Worldbuilding often involves the creation of maps, a backstory, and people for the world. Constructed worlds can enrich the backstory and history of fictional works, and it is not uncommon for authors to revise their constructed worlds while completing its associated work. Constructed worlds can be created for personal amusement and mental exercise, or for specific creative endeavors such as novels, video games, or role-playing games.

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Western Assai | Selected conregion
Map of Western Assai

Author: Javants
Project: Project Genesis
Population: 404,932,747
Nations: 36 sovereign states
Summary: Western Assai (Assai: Assai-Ekóru, Zhatsai: Etase n'egzi, Sy: Měrītsk' Zỳ'ńé, Krai: Chzevetas, Cadisian: Kai B.svgKai A.svgKai J.svgKai O.svgKai S.svg  Kai A.svgKai S.svgKai S.svgKai A.svgKai I.svg Bajos Assai, Pashrani: Éte'óh, Khazhar: Iete'o, Emrit: ezh'Assi qhoru, Otcsi: Tcseve̋ete̋az, Metsian: Xᴢɪғᴇ́ᴛ) is a geopolitical region in the south-east of the continent of Kai-Meridia, forming the westernmost part of the Assai subcontinent. Bordered by Kaishuri to the west (accross the Kai Sea), the Meridian Ocean to the north, Grand Balisar and Eastern Assai to the east, and Cadisia to the south-west, Western Assai consists of 36 sovereign states, of which the Sy Federation, the Persesi Federation, and the Republic of Krai are the largest. As the birthplace of the world's two largest religions, deeply influential global philosophies and cultural ideas, and a meeting point between numerous people groups and cultures, Western Assai has a long and rich history which makes it one of the most diverse regions on the planet of Sabel.

Western Assai has historically been divided into three major sub-regions: Greater Assai, being the temperate region along the east coast of the Kai Sea; The Korat and Syon, referring to the arid territories north of the Korati Mountain Range, including the Sy Desert and Korati Steppes; and Southern Assai, which includes all territories south of the Korati Mountains and the Republic of Pashran. With approximately 404 million inhabitants, Assai is the third largest region of Kaijin people in the world, behind only Aurinoea and the Riden Peninsular, as well as being the largest region of ethnically Asahric people in the world. (more...)

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Rich Strike wins the 2022 Kentucky Derby, held in the United Commonwealth, with an odds of 80-1.
More than ninety are killed in a tornado outbreak in the Ohio Valley of the United Commonwealth.
Following large-scale protests Eydis Stefanic, Chairwoman of the Nororist Party of Isokyria, (pictured) announces a new constitution will be adopted within the coming months allowing the first multi-party elections since 1935.*
Sierran governors in the Styxie form a pact to reopen business in the coming weeks despite a national stay-at-home order.

* Non-Altverse

Ongoing: El Norte dispute, Second Cold War, Persian Gulf Crisis, Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency, 2020 Macedonian coup d'état
Recent deaths: Norman HunterJoe BrownAdam AlsingMargit FeldmanKerstin MeyerHank Steinbrenner

Featured media

United Commonwealth five dollar note (obverse).svg

The Continental Dollar known officially as the United Commonwealth dollar (symbol: Ȼ; code: UCD also abbreviated UCȻ) is the official legal tender of the United Commonwealth. In 1919 partisan forces of the Continentalist Party seized nearly 4,500 metric tons of gold reserves belonging to the Federal Reserve during a series of heists. It was the largest seizure of wealth in recorded history and dismantled the Federalist dollar, sending the global economy into a financial panic and finally a recession. Continental forces quickly attempted to alleviate the fears of international trading partners, printing a new series of tender that would act as a temporary promissory for the gold. With the death of Aeneas Warren the nation began refusing to return gold reserves to adversarial nations and former businessmen. In 1925 the currency was officially transitioned into a labour voucher and in 1948 the tender was turned to a fiat note.

The five dollar bill (shown above) depicts the Chicago skyline on its obverse and on its reverse Isaiah Landon. Because of its unique style, rejection of European style security features and color patterns it is highly sought after by collectors. Zhou Xinyue, depicted on the ten dollar note, was the first Asian-American to be depicted on legal tender in North America.

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