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Flag of Isokyria.svg Isokyria | Selected constate
Isokyria in Europe.

Author: Goldentrash
Project: Independent
Capital: Hufo
Leaders: Eydis Stefanic
Summary: Isokyria (Isokyrian: ᛁᛇᛟᚲᛁᚱ, Isokir), officially the State of the Isokyrians (Isokyrian: ᚱᛁᚲᚨᚾ ᚨᚠ ᛁᛋᛟᚲᛁᚱᚢ, Rikan af Isokiru), is a country in Northern Europe surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean consisting of two primary islands in addition to the Faroe Islands to the east.

Formerly constitutional monarchy, it became a republic at the conclusion of the First Isokyrian Civil War in 1931. Prior to that, it was a minor colonial power that held territories in Africa and the East Indies. The Republic of Isokyria was proclaimed in 1929 but it was weakened by a stark division between the Nationalist and Nordic Coaliton (NNC) and various left-wing and socialist parties. A second civil war between the the two sides broke out, resulting in tens of thousands of military and civilian casualties in addition to alleged war crimes. The nationalists, led by Christian Robertsson, emerged victorious and established the modern State of the Isokyrians in 1935. Nororism which was developed by Robertsson, became the state's official ideology with a strong emphasis on national unity, anti-communism, anti-capitalism, gender roles, and family values in addition to a revival of Isokyria's Nordic cultural roots. The Isokyrian Nororist Party was founded, replacing the NNC, and Robertsson became its first Chairman, effectively ruling the country as head of state from 1935 until 1959.

Isokyria is a single-party unitary state with some devolution in place. The country's de facto head of state is the Chairman of the Isokyrian Nororist Party, who is currently Eydis Stefanic, since August 2016.

A developed nation, Isokyria has one of the largest economies in Europe, based primarily on crude oil production. Its gross domestic product was $1.885 trillion in 2016 and its GDP per capita is $65,209, one of highest in the world. It has a very high standard of living and it is considered one of Europe's most modernized nations. Economic inequality, however, remains high and continues to be a concern for the future of the country. It is a member of the United Nations, the Nordic Council, EFTA the OECD, and OPEC. While it is not a member of the European Union, it has a close relationship with it and its member states. It has a population of 32 million who live within its 96,447 sq mi area, 2 million of which live in the capital of Hufo.


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Severe weather in Southeastern United Commonwealth
Thirty-eight people are killed in a tornado outbreak (satellite image shown) in the Southeastern United Commonwealth.
Sierran governors in the Styxie form a pact to reopen business in the coming weeks despite a national stay-at-home order.
Elections in Korea are held amid the coronavirus pandemic, with turnout at 66.2%, the highest turnout rate since 1992.
Cyclone Harold impacts the Beníeîle, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Tonga, killing at least thirty people.
Ongoing: El Norte dispute, Second Cold War, Persian Gulf Crisis, Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency, 2020 Macedonian coup d'état
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United Commonwealth five dollar note (obverse).svg

The Continental Dollar known officially as the United Commonwealth dollar (symbol: Ȼ; code: UCD also abbreviated UCȻ) is the official legal tender of the United Commonwealth. In 1919 partisan forces of the Continentalist Party seized nearly 4,500 metric tons of gold reserves belonging to the Federal Reserve during a series of heists. It was the largest seizure of wealth in recorded history and dismantled the Federalist dollar, sending the global economy into a financial panic and finally a recession. Continental forces quickly attempted to alleviate the fears of international trading partners, printing a new series of tender that would act as a temporary promissory for the gold. With the death of Aeneas Warren the nation began refusing to return gold reserves to adversarial nations and former businessmen. In 1925 the currency was officially transitioned into a labour voucher and in 1948 the tender was turned to a fiat note.

The five dollar bill (shown above) depicts the Chicago skyline on its obverse and on its reverse Isaiah Landon. Because of its unique style, rejection of European style security features and color patterns it is highly sought after by collectors. Zhou Xinyue, depicted on the ten dollar note, was the first Asian-American to be depicted on legal tender in North America.

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