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Makrosism (Balisarian: TBD, Metsian: Makrozhis), sometimes called Aksilism or, rarely, Post-Balisarianism, is a political, social, and economic ideology originating in Grand Balisar and central Assai. Stemming from the historical development of both the Balisarian caste system and eastern Assai philosophy, Makrosism was first organised into a cohesive ideology and developed a large following as a result of the works of Nikoda Makros (whence the name 'Makrosism' is derived) and Demetrius Aksilom. Makrosism rapidly developed during the early 59th century into what were termed the various 'Black Schools' of Eastern Assai, each of which promoted the creation of a more radical caste system in Grand Balisar. Makrosism would first come to be a dominant political ideology during the Metsian Revolution of 5800 Ʋ which saw the creation of the Makrosist Karkazhos of Metsia under Yuzcdya Strakh and subsequent expansion of Makrosism through southern and central Assai.




Caste System

Trust State



Proto-Makrosism and the Balisarian Tradition

Black Schools

Metsian Revolution

Expansion in Assai

Great Sabel War

60th Century


Humanitarian Critiques

Social Critiques

Economic Critiques

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