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The National District of Manila (Tondolese: 國市的馬尼拉), commonly referred to as simply Manila or NDM, is the designated capital and seat of government of the Republic of Tondo. With over 12.8 million inhabitants, it is Tondo's most-populous city and ranks eighth among cities proper by population. It has a land area of 239.22 square miles (or 382.75km2). In addition, it is surrounded by Manila Bay to the West, and Lawa de Bay to the East, and the provinces of Central Luzon (to the North) and Kumintang (to the South). The region that comprises Manila and the two aforementioned provinces are colloquially referred to as the "Mega Manila" region or more aptly, the Central Luzon basin. This region has a total population of ~62.8 million inhabitants (as of 2015) and a total GDP of $2.64 trillion. If it were an independent country, it would be the eighth-richest and 23rd-most populous.

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