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Skandinavian Media Authority
Medietilsynet Logo.jpg
Media agency overview
Formed 1966
Jurisdiction Skandinavia
Headquarters Fredrikstad
Employees 379
Minister responsible
Media agency executive
  • Ari Kopainen, Director

Medietilsynet (Skandinavian Media Authority) is a government administrative agency under the Kultur- og Kirkedepartementet (Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs) charged with various tasks relating to broadcasting, newspapers and films.

Functions[edit | edit source]

The Authority's tasks include:

  • rating movies
  • enforcing rules on content, advertising and sponsorship for broadcast media; handling license applications for local broadcast media
  • handling applications for newspaper production grants, including non-leading newspapers and minority language newspapers
  • overseeing and intervening against the acquisition of media ownership (either prohibiting the acquisition or merger, or allowing an acquisition on such conditions as the Authority sets, including ordering the divestment of other media ownership interests.

State owned media[edit | edit source]

In the years after the formation of the nation, the government decided to merge all the public media into a single organization; the Skandinavian Broadcasting Corporation. From 2007 to 2010 SBC has been restructured and reorganized to the actual size and organization with 7 TV channels and 6 radio channels. The state also own a news agemcy, Skandinavian Telegrambyrå, known as STB.

Media groups[edit | edit source]