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Principalità di Menala, Principality of Menala

Motto: "Per il nostro orgoglio, la gente delle Alpi" (Italian)
'(English: ''For our pride, the people of the Alps)'
Anthem: Concerto For Lute and Plucked Strings I. Moderato

Royal anthems'Rothe-Zäuerli
Map Of Menala.png
Map over Menala with all the smaller villages and towns.
and largest city
Merano-Stemma (1).png Merano
Official languages Italian
Recognised regional languages German, Romansh
Demonym(s) Menalan

Unitary Parliamentary

Principality Constitutional Monarchy
Gustave II
Heinrich Belmonte
Legislature La Sala Nazionale di Menala
Independence as a Principality 
• Declared
June 14, 1806
• Total
1,535 km2 (593 sq mi)
*Not including the Ganda Di Martello Gand Enclave
• Water (%)
• 2014 estimate
56,000 (172nd)
GDP (PPP) 2009 estimate
• Total
$9.3 billion (152nd)
• Per capita
$90,800 (3rd)
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Total
$9.180 billion (144th)
• Per capita
$167,856 (2nd)
HDI (2016) 0.91414th
very high · 14th
Currency Alpine Moneta ($) (AME)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Driving side right
Calling code +83
Internet TLD .ml

The Principality of Menala (Italian: Principalità di Menala [meŋala]), commonly referred to as Menala (German: Fürstentum Menala) is a landlocked Italian-speaking microstate neighboring to Italy in the south and Austria in the north. The principality is a constitutional monarchy headed by the Grande potente, la sua maestà di Menala (English: Grand Potentate, his majesty of Menala).

Menala has an area just over 1535 km2 making it the 172nd largest country in the world and 44th largest country in Europe. With a population of barely 56,000, it is the 5th smallest country in by population in Europe. Menala is divided into 8 municipalities, its capital is Merano and its largest municipality is Ridanna-Brennerbad.

Because of the sheer tininess of the Menalas population, it scores as one of the highest gross domestic products per person in the world. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Europe, and the world at 1,82%. Menala was during the first half of the 20th century a tax haven, however in the early 1980's restrictions on foreign-based companies and shell corporations were getting greatly enforced.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The origin of the name Menala is unknown, however it most likely derives from the capital Merano.

History[edit | edit source]

Nathaniel Curussus was a self proclaimed saint that started a Christian religious movement in the 1320's. Opposed to the idea and practice of Indulgence and the Book of Revalation, Nathaniel recruited townspeople from the local villages to build a monastery on the Matatzspitze. The monastery was finished in 1326 without the Catholic Church permission, and was named after the nearby village of Neurhaus, Monastero di Neurhaus. Two years after the monastery was finished Nathaniel started visiting villages and towns in the general Menalan area. He claimed that all people born in the Merano vicinity were holy, a startling and controversial statement. By this time his following was over 8000 people. In paranoia of being executed for his, by the time considered wild, theories on holiness and his objection to the Catholic faith Nathaniel decided to found the Nathistic Holy Army. He recruited nearly all of his followers and began planning an Coup d'Etat to overthrow the County of Tyrol. On June 14th 1331 the Nathistic Holy Army approached the Tyrol Castle, close to midnight branches from nearby trees where put lying by the walls of the castle. The castle burned for several hours, leaving Margaret of Tyrol dead. This was a victory for Nathaniel, who raised a blue flag with a white cross from the main tower. The Nathistic Holy Army continued to recruit new soldiers as Nathaniel had requested that every soldier was to recruit at lest one of their closest. After the successful takeover of the Tyrol Castle, Nathaniel now had 30 thousand soldiers at his disposal. Nathaniel decided to direct his forces on Vipiteno, taking Bolzano in the process.