Merveilles des Morte

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This project is a ported, mirror version of the timeline hosted on the Alternate History Wiki. For the latest, most accurate information, or inquiries to participate in the project, please visit the Fandom talk page and consult its moderators.

Welcome to Merveilles des Morte, a community timeline based on the Merveilles du Monde Map Game created by TheCrimsonOracle, in which an alternate timeline is explored. In map games the comings and goings of players makes for a unique experience in which different nations rise and fall, and this timeline seeks to explore one such possibility of if things had gone differently, primarily from the mid sixteenth century onward. This timeline is not in opposition to canonical MDM, but rather a what if scenario based on the lore already established by the game. This timeline also seeks to emulate the plausibility of MDM prior to the point of divergence, and as such no revenge-seeking, extensions of in-game feuds, nation wanks, harassing or bullying of past or present MDM players, or disregard for background information from the game will be allowed.

Anyone may sign up for this timeline, whether you are a current player of MDM, played it in the past, or have never played it before. This timeline will be written mostly in chronological order (although not strictly), however, it will not follow a strict one day equals one year time frame or operate like a map game. Additionally, all contributors should de-link the association of each person corresponding to one nation; anyone can write for any nation, and no one should think of themselves as a nation, especially if you previously played in MDM. Decisions will be made through group discussion and consensus and will ultimately be up to the moderators to have the final say on if there is a strong disagreement.


This timeline primarily begins around the year 1550, although earlier additions may be allowed if they do not contradict earlier established lore, or are approved by the moderators.


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