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Modern vitreanism

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Modern vitreanism is a modernist political, social, economic and religious system of beliefs, that revolves around the modern functioning of a state based on the beliefs of vitreanism, often called 'old vitreanism'. The modern philosophy varies rather differently from the more religious type of vitreanism which is preached by the Church of Reformed Vitreanism. The modern concepts encompasses modern social problems and economic problems, while also maintaining unity with the beliefs of old vitreanism.

Modern vitreanism formed in Vitrea, after the split of the Hadar Union, which had been united under the philosophy united vitreanism. The country split during the Vitrean Schism, mainly due to differences over the recognised prophets within the religion. The modern Vitrean State of Hadar was formed, along with the Kingdom of Breifne; the latter following the ideology of Silze-Vitreanism. Modern vitreanism is regularly regarded as having been formed after the breakout of the Orthodoxian-Secularian Wars, which ravaged Vitrea for many years and destablised the establishment significantly. Since then, modern vitreanism was formulated by the Church to end secular violence within the nation and to ensure that the ideology both encompasses the religious and political aspects of Vitrean life. The modern philosophy has come under scrutiny from factions within the Church and republicans within Vitrea.

Modern vitreanism maintains the belief of Human Divinity, a major pillar within the religion that believes the the human species are the deity on this earth and all power on the earth rests with them. There is no central god figure, though there have been prophets. This is a contentious issue and led to significant frays between internal groups. Another major belief of vitreanism is the distribution of wealth. While full-force communal policies have been condemned as inefficient by the Church, strong social benefit programs and public investment in health services are one of the major points in terms of political beliefs of the philosophy. Currently, modern vitreanism is only practiced by one major denomination, the Church of Reformed Vitreanism. This church claims to be the successor of the Church of Vitreanism, which was dissolved during the Vitrean Schism; the Silze-Vitrean Church contests this claim and while relations have relaxed in recent years, the issue of which religion is the true successor is debated among scholars.