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Monarchy of Pacífica

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King of Pacífica
Rey de Pacífica(es)
König von Pacífica (de)
James I Pacifica 2020.jpg
James I
since July 6th, 2001
Style His Royal Majesty
Heir presumptive Prince Dayton of Pacífica
First monarch Dayton I of Pacífica
Formation May 5th, 1848
Residence Branver Palace
Dayton, Pacífica
Appointer Hereditary

The Monarchy of Pacífica is the Constitutional Monarchy of the Kingdom of Pacífica and it's protectorates and overseas territories. The current monarch is James I, who ascended the throne after the death of his father, Dayton III on July 6th, 2001. James is a direct descendant of Dayton I, the first monarch of Pacífica. The current ruling house is the House of Habsburg-Branver, which has ruled the country since its founding.

The role, powers, and succession of the monarch are defined in the Pacífican Constitution of 1848. The monarch and their immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, and diplomatic duties. Since the monarchy is constitutional, the monarch is limited to a ceremonial and non-partisan role in government, holding only a few executive powers such as given royal assent to laws passed by the legislature and giving titles and awards. The monarch is the Lord Commander of the Pacífican Armed Forces.

The Pacífican Monarchy was founded May 5th, 1848 after the Pacífican Constitution of 1848 was passed and implemented. Former rebel commander and war hero Dayton Branver was elected King by the Californian Constitutional Convention the following day and his descendants have ruled the Kingdom ever since.

Role and Powers

According to the Constitution of Pacífica, the King or Queen is the sovereign head and protector of the Kingdom of Pacífica. Despite being heavily limited regarding executive power, the monarch is regarded as the highest ranking and most influential political official in the nation. Along with being King or Queen of Pacífica, the monarch is also the Grand Duke or Grand Duchess of the Hawaiian Islands and Prince or Princess of Austria, however, the latter is just a claim after Charles I of Austria granted the title after Ferdinand I allowed Charles to spend his exile in Pacífica after the establishment of the Austrian monarchy.

The King or Queen of Pacífica is a hereditary and non-partisan position and has limited executive power. As Monarch, the King or Queen of Pacífica attends ceremonial events, opens Parliament, and signs bills to laws, which is called royal assent, with only a few privileges, known as 'royal privileges', granted to them. Some royal privileges include denying laws passed in His Majesty's Parliament, suspending any house of His Majesty's Parliament, and call for free elections. Despite this, royal privileges are only used in national crisis. The King or Queen is also the Lord or Lady Commander of the Pacífican Armed Forces, with every member of the Armed Forces pledging loyalty to the monarch and the royal family.

List of Pacífican Monarchs

No. Name Portrait Reign House
1 Dayton I Dayton I Pacifica.jpg May 5th, 1848-May 1st 1876 House of Branver
2 Dayton II Dayton II Pacifica.jpg May 1st, 1876-April 4th, 1889 House of Branver
3 Mary I Mary I Pacifica.jpg April 4th, 1889-August 23rd, 1901 House of Branver
4 Ferdinand I Ferdinand I Pacifica.jpg August 25th, 1901-December 1st, 1923 House of Habsburg-Branver
5 Francis I Francis I Pacifica.jpg December 1st, 1923-June 8th, 1967 House of Habsburg-Branver
6 Dayton III Dayton III Pacifica.png June 8th, 1967-July 6th, 2001 House of Habsburg-Branver
7 James I James I Pacifica.jpg July 6th, 2001-Present House of Habsburg-Branver


Upon the immediate death of the Monarch, the heir apparent, known as the Crown Prince or Crown Princess, immediately becomes the monarch. Although by law, the heir apparent becomes the monarch after the death of the previous one, the heir apparent does not assume the powers and duties of the monarch until his or her coronation, which usually takes place a week or two after the death of the previous monarch. The Pacífican Line of Succession follows absolute primogeniture, which does not disqualify females from ascending to the throne.