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Template:Private Multisolar system is a conworld created by Elioe. In this universe, the solar system has evolved totally differently.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 10 billion years BP: A small star, "Sun", starts to fuse hydrogen to helium. It emits energy 10% that of present.
  • 9-10 b.y. BP: The solar wind and other factors have brought so much mass to outer parts of solar system, that Jupiter becomes a red dwarf. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune become brown dwarfs. Earth is formed.
  • 8.4 b.y. BP: Organisms are formed on Earth.
  • 6.5 b.y. BP: Kingdom "Plantae" is born.
  • 6.2 b.y. BP: Kingdom "Animalia" is born.
  • 5.5 b.y. BP: Kingdom "Fungi" is born.
  • 5.4 b.y. BP: First flying animals.
  • 4.1 b.y. BP: First air-floating unicellular plants.
  • 3.2 b.y. BP: Kingdom "Heliofilia" is born.
  • 3.1 b.y. BP: First air-floating multicellular plants.
  • 1.6 b.y. BP: A star collides with our Sun. On the way into Sun, it knocks Venus out of its orbit and causes mass extinctions. Some years later, Venus collides with Moon, causing an extra mass extinction and enormous tides.
  • 1.5 b.y. BP: Probably because of volcanoes or a meteor, some unicellular plants and bacters reach Venus for the first time.
  • 1.4 b.y. BP: Venus and Earth become tidally locked double planet.
  • 600 million years BP: Birds reach Venus.
  • 550 million years BP: Multicellular plants reach Venus.
  • 300 million years BP: Multicellular plants reach Jovian moons.
  • 1854 AD: Charles Darwin correctly theorisizes the existence of life in other parts of our solar system.
  • 1911: Astronauts of Russian Imperial Astronomical Society land on Venus.
  • 1917: First humans migrate to Venus.
  • 2004: U.S. astronauts land on Ganymede.