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National Identification Card (Alcenia)

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National Identification Card
File:URA National ID.svg.png
Obverse and reverse
Date first issued 1945
Issued by Flag of Alcenia.svg Alcenia
Valid in Alcenia and members of the Friendly Movement Compact
Type of document Identity card
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Must be a citizen of Alcenia or a non-citizen resident holder of a visa permitting 3 years or longer of residence
Expiration Must be renewed every 5 years
Cost $15 fee for issuance and renewal

The National Identification Card, formerly known and still referred to as the National Census Card, is a plastic card issued to all Alcenians at the age of 18 and renewed every five years. It contains a 10-digit identification number which is unique to every holder. All Alcenian citizens must apply for a card at the age of 18 and can request one at the age of 16. It is also issued to non-citizen residents of Alcenia who have any visa which allows them to stay in the country for more than three years. It is considered to be a very important document, due to it being required by most employers to work, to open a bank account, register to vote, among other things.

It is issued by the Department of State under 12 URAC § 5593 which states "The Secretary shall issue, to each citizen of Alcenia, a card which shall contain such information as nessecary to uniquely identify each citizen of Alcenia". As Title 12 governs the national census, the card was tied to it, being issued every ten years to every citizen upon the completion of their census. In 1996, the law was amended by the Security and Customs Act so that it is issued every five years and is now incumbent on each citizen to renew their card before expiry. The law also expanded the card to non-citizens.



The card features various information on its holder, including their name, current address, date and state of birth, race, height, and weight. Since 2004, the card has also included whether the holder has any Native Alcenian heritage, defined as having one or more parent of direct Native ancestry or being a member of a federally recognized tribe or reservation. The card contains several security features and watermarks, making it difficult to fabricate.

In 2007, the Department of State introduced the 'Restrictions' section which was met with controversy. The section indicates whether the holder is a "restricted person" under the State Department's guidelines. Below are the current restrictions:

  • SEX OFFENDER-A - Holder is a registered sex offender. Victim was an adult.
  • SEX OFFENDER-M - Holder is a registered sex offender. Victim was a minor.
  • FELON - Holder is a convicted felon.
  • CONFINEMENT - Holder is not allowed to leave the state they reside.
  • NO FLY - Holder is on the No Fly List.
  • NO TRAVEL - Holder is not allowed to leave Alcenia.
  • PROBATION - Holder is on probation in the state where they reside.

Whenever these conditions change, e.g. the holder's probation has ended, it is the responsibility of the holder to update that information.