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National Intelligence Agency

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National Intelligence Agency
National Intelligence Agency Seal.svg
Seal of the National Intelligence Agency
National Intelligence Agency Flag.svg
Flag of the National Intelligence Agency
Agency overview
Formed 36 AD
Headquarters Primus Oppidum Shield.svg Imperium St. 1605, Imperium, Primus Oppidum, Liberta
Motto Honor Ante Mortis.
(En: Honor before death. Always.)
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Minister responsible
Child agency

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is the domestic, foreign intelligence, and security agency in service for the Libertan Government, it also acts as the primary investigative government body of the Libertan Government, controlling and cracking down on any type of bribery, lobbying, or other government-interest related crimes. Operating under the partial jurisdiction of Praesidium de Patria, the NIA reports to the minister of Praesidium de Patria as well as to the Potissimuses and to the executive branch of the Control Operative. When investigating the government of Liberta, the NIA acts as a self-governing body of the Libertan Government and together works with the Constitutional Court, a right which is protected under the Libertan Constitution.

NIA is comparable to many Intelligence Agencies such as the American FBI, the British MI5, and the Russian FSB. The NIA works with domestic and foreign cases, classed as government, countrywide, or military threats, such as foreign spying. This has led the NIA being infamous for its harsh interrogation methods.

The NIA was founded in 30 AD with the creation of the Libertan Constitution. At first, the NIA reported to Cato Aquarius regarding how stable the Trinitarian system was, later NIA was also used by Cato Aquarius to give inside information regarding potential enemies of Cato wanting to overthrow him. At Cato's death the NIA was converted into the Intelligence Agency it's in modern-day Liberta.


The NIA was founded in 30 AD by Cato Aquarius to act on behalf of him as his personal informative agency, delivering information regarding national security. In 59 AD, at Cato's death when the power had officially been transferred from Cato to the Potissimuses the NIA was reformed to excursively serve the newly formed Praesidium De Patria.