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National Reform Party (Pacífica)

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National Reform Party
Chairperson Susan Douglas
Founded February 1, 1996 (1996-02-01)
Headquarters 121 King's Plaza
Riverside, Pacífica
Student wing College Reformists
Youth wing Young Reformists
Membership 1,210,029 (2018)
Ideology  • Social Conservatism
 • Economic Liberalism
 • Electoral Reform
 • Economic Reform
 • Christian Democracy
 • Anti-Americanism
 • Right Wing Populism
Political position Right Wing
International affiliation None
Party for Preservation and Tradition (North American Union)
Official colors     
His Majesty's Senate
0 / 96
House of Deputies
4 / 260
American Congress
0 / 60

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Elections in Pacífica

The National Reform Party is a right wing populist and reformist political party in the Kingdom of Pacífica. The party is currently chaired by Susan Douglas, who leads the National Reform delegation in the House of Deputies, and has over a 1,000,000 members.

The National Reform Party was founded on February 2nd, 1996 by former members of the Conservative Party after it chose liberal conservative Steve Wallace over right wing reformist Diego Hernandez as its nominee for the 1996 Pacífican General Election. The National Reform Party was considered a minor party until the 2016 Pacífican General Election, when they won four seats, entering the House of Deputies for the first time. The party promotes a reformist, conservative, and populist agenda, and has been a member of the Opposition since the 2016 General Election.


Since its foundation, the National Reform Party had been a right wing, conservative, reformist party. Members of the party usually support electoral and economic reform, stricter law enforcement, and the preservation of Pacífican Family and National values.

Social Issues

The National Reform Party and its members support:

  • Promotion of Christian religious values in Pacífican schools.
  • Ending the Martinian Common Core system.
  • Reforming The House of Deputies.
    • Redrawing Legislative Districts.
  • Abolishing or reforming His Majesty's Senate.
  • Less restrictions on guns and assault weapons
  • Repelling Jade v. Wayne and banning all forms of abortion.
  • Ending nationwide de-decriminalization of marijuana.
  • Keeping the death penalty.

Economic Issues

The National Reform Party and its members support:

  • Ending Government ownership in the private sector.
  • Preservation of the capitalist system in Pacífica.
  • Creating a Pacífican dollar and replacing the American dollar.
  • Ending Estate Tax.
  • Lowering taxes for both the Middle and Upper classes.
  • Lowering corporation taxes to 5%.
  • Ending the increase of gas prices.

Foreign Policy

The National Reform Party and its members support:

  • Pacífican withdrawal from the North American Union and PATO.
    • Pacífican withdrawal from the North American Economic Unity Treaty (Rottersdale Pact).
  • Ending Pacífican involvement in the War in the Middle East.
  • Ending Pacífican involvement in United Nations peacekeeping missions.
  • Stricter sanctions on Mexico.
  • Strengthening relations with Columbia.

Voter Base