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National Vault

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National Vault, P-Inc.
Private Incorporated Company
Industry Private Item Security,
Investment & Loan Firm
Founder Crassus Divamque
Headquarters File:ShieldOfVetusOppidum.png Ultra Imperia St. 1301, Aureum Domibus, Vetus Oppidum, Liberta
Revenue ($EQD) 32 billion
($EQD) 10.3 billion
2.5 billion
Total assets ($EQD) 780 billion
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Vault Holding Company,
Regional Holding Company,
NVP Holding Company
White Wings
Slogan "Quod vigilo acies" (Latin:The Watching Eye)
The National Vault Corporation for Item Security and Investment Banking, P-Inc. is a Libertan multinational finance and storage company that engages in global investment banking and Item Security and Storage. The National Vault is famously the oldest bank and company, established 1904 years ago, and the wealthiest company both by Assets and Liability.

National Vault was founded on the 16th of May, 114 CE by Crassum Divamque and is headquartered on 1301 Ultra Imperia Street, Vetus Oppidum, Liberta where the company’s vaults and storage units are located.

The Exact worth of National Vault’s assets is difficult to calculate as the company won’t release exact numbers, rough estimates, for reasons that National Vault claims are for security. National Vault are known to be extremely secretive of what they store in their Vaults, fueling many famous conspiracy theories, one being that National Vault hid Nazi Gold during the Second World War, which National Vault denies.

The single most expensive item stored in National Vault is the Qianlong Vase, worth approximately 80.2 million dollars. However, because of the age of the company, many historical artifacts are also stored in the National Vault, as ancient leaders traveled to Liberta to store their most valuable belongings. A significant majority of the historical artifacts are still stored and located in the Vault, with high estimated worth the company keeps the items, even though the owners are deceased.

While the company is tax exempt due to time immemorial, the Libertan government profits heavily from adding heavy import tax to the objects sent from abroad.

National Vault are so wealthy that the company employs its own police force, fire department, owns its own hospital, airline, taxi service for employees, and are known to pay their security guards high wages, so that bribery becomes unprofitable for the guards themselves.


National Vault was founded in 114 CE by Crassus Divamque. After a valuable book had been stolen from Crassus he realized the business potential in storing valuable items for other people at a fee. He asked several wealthy families he knew for investment and he eventually accumulated enough money to construct the building today known as the Grand Vault. The building was made of large marble blocks, including the then advanced three meter thick vault door. The building was large, covering 320 sq meters in floor area.

Crassus quickly became known in the upper class, with the fame eventually spreading as far as China.

The company quickly expanded, employing nearly 800 people sixteen years after it was established. The headquarter had now expanded to four 800 sq meter floors.