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Nazareth Ontoria-Diaz

Nazareth Ontoria-Diaz 2.jpg
Deputy Prime Minister of Sierra
In office
May 4, 2020 – November 28, 2022
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Susan Kwon
Preceded by Alexander Lee
Succeeded by Kenneth O'Conner
Member of the K.S. House of Commons for Murphy-Glendale (Maricopa's 3rd District)
Assumed office
December 10, 2016
Preceded by Dan Shapiro
Majority 4,702 (17.2%)
Personal details
Born (1989-04-05) April 5, 1989 (age 33)
Flag of Sonora (Sierra).svg Douglas, Sonora, K.S.
Political party Social Democrats of Sierra.svg Social Democrats (2019–present)
Other political
DRPS 2017.svg Democratic-Republican (2004–2019)
Alma mater Scripps College (BA)
Profession Actress
Religion Roman Catholic
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • piano
Associated acts
  • Naz y Las Brujas
  • Feliz Herrera
  • Jasmin Garcia
  • Q-Lo
Nazareth Ontonia-Diaz (born April 5, 1989), also known by her initials NOD and her nickname, Nazod), is an actress, singer, songwriter, Sierran politician, and Member of Parliament representing Murphy-Glendale, Maricopa's 3rd district, for the Social Democratic Party since 2019, previously as a Democratic-Republican. After playing minor roles in the children's television series Ronnie & Co., she made her breakthrough role starring as the character Julia Ramirez in the Tokki Network television film LA Idol Project and its sequel, LA Idol Project 2: The World Tour. She later starred as the main character Tori Michel in the Tokki Network television series, Good Morning Tori, which aired for four seasons until 2009. Between 2020 and 2022, she served as Deputy Prime Minister under Susan Kwon.

Ontonia-Diaz launched her musical career as a member of the Mexican Sierran girl band Naz y Las Brujas, which signed with Above a Thousand Records and released their debut studio album, Recuérdame in 2011; the album debuted at number one on KS The Sunset 40. The band followed up with two subsequent albums, Una y Otra Vez (2012), Aguarde Por Favor (2014), and Mírame a los ojos (2015). Ontonia-Diaz received over dozens of individual awards and nominations and recognition as one of the most influential people on the Newstar 250 in 2012 and 2015 by the time Naz y Las Brujas disbanded in 2016. She publicly came out as a lesbian in 2017 and announced that she was in a relationship with former actress Kristen Wilde.

In 2016, Ontonia-Diaz won the nomination for the Democratic-Republican nomination for the K.S. House of Commons seat from Maricopa's 3rd parliamentary district (Murphy-Glendale). Her electoral campaign attracted national recognition when she defeated five-term Royalist incumbent Dan Shapiro, widely regarded as the biggest upset victory in the 2016 general elections. She became the first openly LGBT Mexican Sierran woman to serve in the House of Commons, the first female actress of color elected into the House of Commons, and the youngest member of Parliament elected from Maricopa.

Ontonia-Diaz is a member of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic-Republican Party. She advocates for tuition-free tertiary education, expanded medical coverage to all citizens and permanent residents, the abolition of the National Family Registry and National Identification Card, increasing the federal minimum wage to $20, and the adoption of universal basic income. She also supports universal background checks for firearm purchases, extended maternal leave, increased Medicare coverage for abortion and pregnancy planning services, and expanding civil rights and recognition of LGBT Sierrans. On foreign policy, she supports reducing spending on military defense and opposes international intervention.

On May 1, 2020, the snap federal election was held which saw Ontoria-Diaz retain her seat and was appointed by Susan Kwon to serve as her Deputy Prime Minister, making her the first Social Democrat to hold the office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the first officeholder that wasn't a Democratic-Republican or Royalist since Reformed Republican Calvin Ware.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz was born in Douglas, Sonora, on April 5, 1989, to Gloria Ontoria-Diaz (née Diaz) and Agustin Ontoria. Her mother was born in Sonora as a third-generation Mexican Sierran with distant Portuguese and Jewish ancestry, while her father was born in Mexico with family links to Guatemala as well. Her mother worked as an elementary school teacher while her father worked as a trucker, delivering parcels and packages across the country for Tully Transportation. She has two younger brothers, Ismael and Jair. Ontoria-Diaz and her family lived in a single housing residence unit in Douglas until she was seven, before they moved to Glendale, Maricopa, a suburb in the Phoenix metropolitan area, with her maternal grandparents and extended family. The family moved after they were evicted from their apartment in Douglas and Ontoria-Diaz's father needed to relocate closer to his company's logistics hub center.

The Ontoria-Diaz family were practicing Catholics. Ontoria-Diaz was baptized into the Church and was confirmed into the Church at the age of 10. She and her family attended Mass every Sunday, and Ontoria-Diaz herself attended Catholic school until she was 13.

Acting and music career[edit | edit source]

In 1997, she began her acting career on the children's television program, Ronnie & Co. as Susie. She was discovered by a local talent agency, through connections with Ontoria-Diaz's cousin, Paola Hernandez, an actress herself who starred in a number of Sierran Spanish-language television shows and films. Initially, she was casted to play as the one-time character Susie but the character's popularity prompted the show's writers to include her in regular appearances, thus securing Ontoria-Diaz's place with the show. She appeared in a total of 32 episodes, before the producers released her as she grew older than what the producers were looking for on the cast. Ontoria-Diaz made a series of cameo appearances and commercials following her release from Ronnie & Co. in 2001. She made her debut appearance in a film when she was cast as Melody in Blaster Buckos: Level Up! (2002).

Ontoria-Diaz received her breakthrough role when she was chosen out of a pool of over 942 auditioners to portray Julia Ramirez in the Tokki Network television film LA Idol Project. Upon receiving her role, Ontoria-Diaz and her family moved to Hollywood, Porciúncula, Gold Coast where their living expenses were paid for by the company. In LA Idol Project, Ontoria-Diaz portrayed a young teenage girl who became a nationwide sensation through her singing as a idol performer. The movie was a huge success for the Tokki Network, which made a sequel, bringing Ontoria-Diaz back for it. She recorded a number of songs for both movies, including "I Must Be Dreaming" and "LA Girl Pop". Ontoria-Diaz was later cast as the main character for Good Morning Tori (2005–2009), Tori Michel. In the series, she portrayed the only adopted child of the Michel family, a middle-class Channelier family that is adjusting to life in central San Joaquin. The series proved to be a huge success for Tokki, beating out other Tokki Network staples such as The Hunters of Echo Park and Jessica Maricopa in ratings. Ontoria-Diaz won the 2009 16ON Children's Choice Awards for Best Actress and received recognition at the 2009 Sierran Academy of Film and Arts Awards for Best Child Actress. She starred in the 2009 young adult film Quinceañera.

In 2009, she released her debut single, "Mi Pasado en La Sierra", a Spanish-based pop song that incorporated elements of dance and Latin beats. On September 1, 2009, she announced that she would be the lead singer of a new Spanish-language band called Naz y Las Brujas (Naz and the Witches). Ontoria-Diaz stated that it was her desire to sing in her mother tongue, and wanted to expand her career beyond television. Ontoria-Diaz and her band released their debut album Recuérdame, in 2011 which was well-received. Critics singled out Ontoria-Diaz for her vocal performance and timbre, and a number of songs including "¿Y Tú?" were charted on the Sunset 100. The aforementioned song debuted at #6 before peaking at #2, the highest position attained by a Spanish-language Sierran song at the time in the 21st century.

Artistry[edit | edit source]

2016 electoral campaign[edit | edit source]

K.S. House of Commons[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz in 2017

Tenure[edit | edit source]

Committee assignments[edit | edit source]

  • Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Family
    • Subcommittee on Health and Medical Services
    • Subcommittee on Employment Opportunity, Workplace Safety, and Standards
    • Subcommittee on Labor Rights and Unions
  • Committee on Foreign Relations
    • Subcommittee on Caribbean, Latin America, and Antarctica
    • Subcommittee on International Democracy, Human Rights, and Overseas Sierran Protection

Italics indicate current assignment

Deputy Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

Political positions[edit | edit source]

Nazareth Ontoria-Diaz is a self-identified progressive liberal and a "social-democratic republican" who's voiced support towards many left-wing positions and policies. This has made her stand out in Maricopa as her positions and more liberal and leftist compared to the traditionally conservative, pro-monarchist and Royalist leaning politics of the province of Maricopa. She's praised the social democratic models of the Scandinavian countries and has voiced opposition towards private healthcare, continued Sierran intervention and involvement in ongoing conflicts and a largely unregulated economy. Diaz has been vocal in her criticism of the monarchy and has referred to it as an unequal institution and the ruling House of Columbia as a "cabal of privileged elites", a position that is controversial in the conservative province that she represents in the House of Commons.

Domestic policy[edit | edit source]

Climate change[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has been a vocal advocate for switching Sierra's needs from fossil fuels to alternative fuels and increasing funding for climate change science research. She has described climate change as "an existential threat for the very future of humanity and the planet" and insisted that "mitigating climate change and preventing irreversible man-made harm to our planet should not be a political issue". She is a co-sponsor of the Green Tomorrow Act, which seeks to institute sweeping national changes to the national economy by making it more environmentally-friendly and sustainable by 2030. She's been vocal in her opposition towards off-shore drilling and condemned Heartwell and the Royalists for increasing off-shore drilling off of Sierra's coasts and has cited polluted beaches on the Channel Islands as evidence of its harmful effects.

Education[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has been critical of the current education system of Sierra. She's criticized the standardized tests and has called them "unnecessary burdens on the consciousness of Sierran students" and voiced opposition towards the tests being used to judge the levels of funding each public school can get based off of test scores saying "a struggling school will fail the standardized test because it doesn't have the necessary funds to afford the recourses needed to properly educate its students and is constantly let down by a corrupt and rigged system as a result". Diaz has called for more investment into public education and has denounced policies diverting funds away from public schools to charter and private schools as "harming the education of the majority of Sierra's students and future leaders". She's opposed to any attempts at extensive privatization of public education citing studies that showed that charter school students perform on the same level on average when compared to public school students with others showing around 37% of charter school students performing less than public school students. Diaz has called for an end to for-profit schools and for increased overbite of pre-existing charter schools and a temporary halt on funding for new charter schools.

Gun control[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz is a vocal supporter for gun control and has been critical of the lax gun laws in conservative provinces throughout her musical career and since her entry into politics. She's called Sierra's gun laws "criminally destructive" citing high levels of mass shootings that are exceptionally high compared to the rest of the industrialized world and compared to other Anglo-American countries. Diaz has been vocal in her criticism of the lax gun laws in Maricopa where the provincial government permits the ownership of military grade weapons and has criticized the government's limited oversight of gun sales. She's called for a ban on assault weapons and for the production of military grade weapons to be regulated where such weapons are only allowed to be possessed by the Sierran Crown Armed Forces and provincial guard divisions. She's opposed to a ban on handguns and bolt-action rifles, especially hunting rifles, but believes all automatic weapons should be banned citing how widely used they've been in the most infamous and costly mass shootings in Sierran history.

Health care[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has been a proponent of single-payer healthcare first voicing her support publicly in the 2016 election where she said that Terry Scott's national healthcare plan was one of the main issues that won her support. Diaz has been critical to the influence and heavy presence of private insurance companies in the Sierran healthcare system calling a public option "a public option at best" and has called for a single-payer system that would have them be phased out in favor a nationalized healthcare system. She's criticized private insurance companies such as Blue Cross Shield for reports of the company lying to users about cancer signs when they were minor conditions at most and has called the reliance of private insurance as a means of getting treatment at hospitals inhuman. In May of 2019, Diaz voiced support for H.C. Resolution No. 2933 calling for a national healthcare system and proposed a potential amendment in which the federal government would fund single-payer healthcare systems that all 23 provinces would be legally mandated to have citing the healthcare model used in Rainier.

Immigration[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has called for a pathway to citizenship to be given to immigrants and has voiced support for naturalization of undocumented immigrants and their respective children as well. She's opposed to the construction of a potential border wall calling it "a colossal waste of funds, resources and material. Not only is this immoral, we'd be wasting the materials needed on a useless wall rather than something more productive such as infrastructure, new roads, and stronger bridges among other uses". She denounced McComb's immigration policies that stripped protection for immigrants in Sierra, especially those from Mexico and other Latin American countries. In February 2019, Diaz signed the Dissident Immigrant Protection Act of 2019 calling for an easy pathway to citizenship and entry into Sierra for Mexican immigrants fleeing the country, especially dissidents fleeing the authoritarian Veracruz regime that governs the country. Diaz has called for the shutdown of facilities housing immigrant families and for the creation of temporary refugee camps where immigrant families would be properly housed and have access to hygiene, food, clean water and air conditioning. Diaz has accused restrictive immigration policies and those targeting Mexican immigrants of being immoral and compared such policies to similar laws enforced in Mexico.

Reproductive rights[edit | edit source]

Diaz is vocal in her support for reproductive rights and has been supportive of lax abortion laws. She's called restrictive abortion laws unjust and harmful saying "over restricting abortion to the point where it's all but illegal will not only do nothing to stop abortions, it'll cause those to seek harmful and potentially dangerous methods of seeking an abortion". She's accused conservative abortion policies of attacking women's rights and has called the pro-life movement "authoritarian pro-birth fundamentalists seeking only to force their beliefs onto the populace without any considerations or the consequences or horrific effects on those most affected" in a 2019 interview. Diaz has helped prevent legislation attempting to further regulate abortion and aided in a filibuster of the Life Protection Act of 2019, a bill that would've criminalized abortions federally after 12 weeks, and helped defeated the bill.

LGBT rights[edit | edit source]

Ontorio-Diaz has been vocal in her support for same-sex marriage even before entering into politics. In the 2016 election, she endorsed Terry Scott and in an interview she said that Scott was stronger on LGBT rights compared to Steven Hong and believed that Scott would be the candidate most likely to fight for nation-wide legalization of same-sex marriage. Since being elected to the House of Commons, Ontoria-Diaz has been vocal in her support for LGBT rights from opposing legislation allowing business owners to refuse service to LGBT customers to resisting attempts by provincial governments to prevent the legalization of same-sex marriage in their respective provinces. Diaz has also voices support for trans rights saying in a 2019 Twitter post "Trans people are just as human as cis-gender people. Alienating them and passing laws to marginalize them and continue to make them the other will only make their lives worse and speaks volumes to the inhumanity and sociopathy of those who support such atrocious policies".

Foreign policy[edit | edit source]

Mexico[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has been vocal in her criticism of Sierra's foreign policy towards Mexico even before she entered into politics. In 2015, Ontoria-Diaz denounced the failed Mexico Resolution as an attempt to wage an aggressive war against Mexico and accused Charles II of wanting to turn Mexico into a Sierran puppet state. Since becoming a member of parliament, Ontoria-Diaz has called for the normalization of Sierran-Mexican relations in the same way Sierra under Heartwell has pursued normalizing relations with North Vietnam. In an interview given on January 28th 2019, Ontoria-Diaz accused Sierra's historic aggressive stance towards Mexico of fueling extremism and militarism within the country and has voiced sympathy for Mexico in the El Norte dispute calling the Sierran seizure of the territories in 1956 illegal and denouncing the Treaty of Veracruz as unjust, illegitimate and forced upon the people of Mexico. In a 2019 interview she voiced support for a potential referendum on whether or not the El Norte territories should remain part of Sierra or rejoin Mexico and said that she would accept the outcome regardless if she likes it or not and would allow international observers to monitor the election to keep it fair.

Israel-Palestine[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has continued an ongoing trend among many members of the Democratic-Republican Party of voicing support towards the Palestinian cause and Palestinian sovereignty over Israel. In 2014 she denounced the Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip as illegal after reports of civilian casualties came in and after further reports showed that the majority of Palestinians casualties were civilian, she voiced support for a potential boycott of Israel and praised Terry Scott and the San Francisco Provincial Assembly for passing the Israeli Settlement Boycott Act of 2014 barring goods from Israeli settlements in the West Bank from entering the province. In a 2018 interview during the midterm election she commented on the Israel-Palestine conflict saying "While I support the right to sovereignty and self-determination for Israel and its people, the Israeli government doesn't have the authority to justification to seize Palestinian territory and deprive them of their right to self-determination as if Israel were just another European colonial empire conquering African lands from so-called savages". She continues to support the Palestinians cause and has called for a two-state solution and denounced the Sierran recognition of Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights.

North Vietnam[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz has been supportive of Nemesis Heartwell's decision to normalize relations with North Vietnam saying that it was "a step in the right direction and a much needed policy decision. Continued hostility with any nation whether it's North Vietnam or Qatif will not make Sierra any more secure or safe" in a 2018 interview. She's called on Heartwell to show more restraint towards threats of military force and has called for the delaying of military exercises between Sierran and South Vietnamese forces on the Vietnamese border. She's also praised the efforts made by the South Vietnamese government as well saying that "they've greatly contributed to the Vietnamese Peace Process. While I will give Her Excellency Heartwell credit where it's do, we should not forget the efforts made by the South Vietnamese that have also made such breakthroughs possible".

Tournesol[edit | edit source]

Ontario-Diaz has been opposed to Sierran involvement in the Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency and has accused the Sierran government of directly violating the sovereignty of Tournesol. Since the insurgency began, she's vocally opposed any foreign involvement in the conflict fearing that it would lead to high civilian casualties and condemned the leadership of all parties, especially the Royalists, for getting involved in the conflict. Because of his support for Sierran involvement, Dan Shapiro was opposed by Ontoria-Diaz who accused him of "blatant warmongering" and ran on a strict non-interventionist platform, one that she still maintains presently. Her chief concerns of Sierran involvement have been civilian casualties, tax payer money spent on involvement and not on basic services back home and blowback specifically terrorist attacks on Sierran soil carried out by groups such as the Provisional Sierran Republican Army as retribution attacks.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Ontoria-Diaz came out as a lesbian in 2017 and has been in a relationship with Sierran actress and former co-star Kristen Wilde. She self-identifies herself as Catholic, adhering to the Church in Rome.

She is a vegan and cited her reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle stemmed from her concern for the effects of meat-eating on the environment, as well as the welfare of animal lives.

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