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New Holland (Makerverse)

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Federative Republic of New Holland

Federatieve Republiek New Holland
Flag of New Holland
Coat of arms of New Holland
Coat of arms
Motto: TBD
Anthem: TBD
Location of New Holland
and largest city
Official languages Dutch
Recognised regional languages Aboriginal languages
Demonym(s) New Hollander
Government Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
• President
Willem Visser
Catharina Jansen
Hendrik Bakker
Leendert Hoitink
Legislature Federated National People's Assembly
House of Councilors
House of Initiatives
from Dutch Empire
• Total
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• Estimate
• Census
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
Gini TBD
Error: Invalid Gini value
Currency New Hollander guilder
Time zone New Hollander Standard Time
Driving side right

New Holland, officially known as the Federative Republic of New Holland is a sovereign country in Australian continent. It shares its maritime borders with Indonesia in the north, Indian Ocean in the west and south, and it also shares its land border with Australia and Papua New Guinea in the east. The capital and largest city of the country is Zwanen. It has 13 federal states, 3 associated states, and 6 dependent territories

The first European to visit the New Holland in 1616 was Dirk Hartrog. In 1644, Abel Tasman encountered the coast of the northern part of the Australian continent and and he named it "New Holland". Since the discovery of Tasman, many Dutch people immigrated to New Holland and it became a part of Dutch East India Company. In 1800, the Dutch New Holland was established after the bankcruptcy of the said company. In 1910, it declared independence from the Netherlands after many people voted yes in the independence referendum.



Early history

European exploration

The first European to discover New Holland was the Dutch explorer, Dirk Hartog, the first European to suggest to have found a continent there, who on October 26, 1616 landed at what is now known as Cape Inscriptie, Dirk Hartog Island.


Government and politics

Administrative divisions


States of New Holland
No Flag States Capital
1 Batavia Batavia
2 Groter Zuiden Rotterdam
3 Goudelven Nullarbor
4 Hartog Upper Hartog
5 Leeuwin Arnhem
6 Magneetberg Magneetberg
7 Nassau Vianen
8 Oranje Ngaanyatjarraku
9 Pilbara East Pilbara
10 Rothsachtig Weeloona
11 Schil Mandurah
12 Tarweriem Giethoorn
13 Ultrech Sint-Jan


Dependent territories
Dependent Territories of New Holland
No. Flag Territories Capital
1 Christmas Island
2 Cocos (Keeling) Islands
3 New Hollander Moluccas
4 Norfolk Island
5 Sunda
6 West Timor
Free association
Free Associated States of New Holland
No. Flag States Capital
1 East Timor
2 Malacca
3 West Papua