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New Republican Caucus

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New Republican Caucus
Leader Thomas Garza
Founded September 14th, 1994
Newspaper Republican Weekly
Student wing Campus Republicans of Sierra
Youth wing Young Republicans of Sierra
Women's Wing United Federation of Republican Women
LGBT Wing Harvey Milk Republicans
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Democratic-Republican Party of Sierra
Official colors      Dark cyan
11 / 44
House of Commons
24 / 250
Seats in Dem-Rep Offices
37 / 173

Liberalism in the Kingdom of Sierra
Republicanism in the Kingdom of Sierra
Elections in the Kingdom of Sierra

The New Republican Caucus is a caucus and political faction of the Democratic-Republican Party of Sierra as well as its most known left-wing political faction. The caucus was formed in 1994 and is an alliance of various leftist, liberal and pro-republican politicians, organizations and lobbying groups that seek to advance a liberal progressive agenda as well as advance the historic movement of republicanism. Despite being over twenty years old, the caucus has gained attention in the modern era as a result of growing anti-establishment sentiment and the rise of anti-monarchist leftwing populists within the Democratic-Republican Party, most notable Terry Scott of San Francisco and Thomas Garza of Santa Clara who are the caucus' most well-known and prominent members.

The New Republican Caucus itself was formed with the purpose of continuing the push for abolition of the ruling House of Columbia and the Sierran monarchy as well as pushing for left-wing policies and to implement them in Sierra, most notably the Nordic model. The caucus has been credited with keeping the spirit of political republicanism alive and well after the Democratic-Republican Party leadership abandoned it in 1903. The has been running candidates for years and has dozens elected in various different provincial governments, most notable in the Styxie provinces of San Joaquin, Reno, Taho, Plumas and many other provinces in the kingdom as well. The party has a strong base of support among left-wing voters of the Democratic-Republican Party and is the main opposition faction to the dominate New Democratic-Republicans, a centrist pro-monarchist political faction of the party that has held leadership positions since the 1990s.

The New Republicans have members from all across the party who hold various seats in government from MPs to provincial governors, mayors and other local officials from a diverse background of different cultures and ethnicities, though most of the caucus' voters and supporters come from the ethnically and racially homogenous Styxie. The caucus works alongside other left-wing political parties such as the Social Democrats. The caucus has seen an increase in support following the Red Rock Castle crisis in 2020 and the election of Susan Kwon as Prime Minister in the 2020 Sierran federal election.


Ideology and views



  • Reinstitute republicanism to the party platform.
  • Undo the decision made at the Convention of 1903.
  • Support the republican movement and abolishing the monarchy.

Economic issues

  • Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour.
  • Institute a nationwide single-payer healthcare system.

Social issues

Foreign policy

Election results

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