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Not to be confused with Normandy.
Kingdom of Normandia

Köngerik a Normanne (Normandian)
Kongeriket Normannia (Norwegian)
and largest city
Official languages Normandian
Recognized minority languages Norwegian
(see Norwegian language in Normandia)
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Total
29,873 km2 (11,534 sq mi)
• Water (%)
Currency Normandian Krona (NMK)

Normandia (Normandian: Normanne), officially the Kingdom of Normandia (Normandian: Köngerik a Normanne), is an archipelago nation in the north-central North Sea, between Scotland and Norway, consisting of 17 major islands and several hundred minor islands, islets and keys. At 632,354 people and 29,873 square kilometers or 11,534 square miles, Normandia is the smallest sovereign Nordic nation by both land area and population. The capital and the largest city is Ällisbourg (also spelled alternatively as Aellisbourg), which is one of the twelve counties and nineteen urban settlements of the country.