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Numbered highways in the Kingdom of Sierra

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Numbered Highway Systems of Sierra
Interprovincial 1.svgRoute 91 (Inland Empire).svgRoute 101 (Sierra).svgGold Coast Route 103.svg
Highway shields for Interprovincial 1, K.S. Route 91, K.S. Route 101, and Gold Coast Provincial Route 138
System information
Formed: March 15, 1949 (1949-03-15)
Highway names
Interprovincials: Interprovincial X (I-X), K.S. Route X

Numbered highways in the Kingdom of Sierra are split into four primary types of systems, the Interprovincial Highways, K.S. Highways, provincial/state/areal highways, and county highways. Other systems include the National Park Highways, Scenic Route Highways, and Reservation Highways. All highways are organized by a route number and/or a letter, often related to its general cardinal orientation (north-south, west-east) and geographic location. These designations are physically displayed through the form of highway shields.

One of the world's largest highway networks, the modern Sierran highway project began in 1949 in response to Sierra's growing demographics and infrastructure. Deemed one of the most ambitious projects in human history, by 1980, nearly 10,000 miles of roads were built or under construction.

The Interprovincial Highway and K.S. Highway Systems are a network of highways that transverse over multiple provinces built to standardized regulations and specifications and is overseen by the federal government. Ultimately, all highways, especially the provincial highways, are the responsibility of the provinces themselves who maintain all roads and highways subject to their jurisdiction. As such, virtually all of the provinces have departments, agencies, and law enforcement bodies dedicated solely for the maintenance, upkeep, and protection of the highway systems.

Interprovincial Highways

The official route marker for Interprovincial highways features a blue shield topped with a red bar that bears the word "INTERPROVINCIAL"

The Interprovincial Highway System was the first national highway system commissioned by the Parliament on March 15, 1949 under the direction of [[Monarchy of Sierra|King Louis III. A network of controlled-access highways, both it and the K.S. Route Highways follow the Sierran Royal Association of Highway and Transportation Officials' standards and regulations. Much of the Interprovincial Highways were constructed prior to 1975 where from that year on, most new national highways became part of the K.S. Route Highway System. Using the same standards, highways from either systems are virtually indistinguishable.

Number South or west terminus North or east terminus Length (mi) (km) Formed Deleted Became
an Interprovincial
Interprovincial 1.svg
Route 16 (Gold Coast).svg K.S. SR 16 in Santa Monica, Gold Coast I-1 at Brazoria-Sierra border 635.3 1,022.42 April 2, 1956 April 2, 1956 First Interprovincial formed
Interprovincial 1A.svg
Route 47 (Gold Coast).svg GC-47 / Gaffey Street in San Pedro, Gold Coast Glenarm Street in Pasadena, Gold Coast 31.82 51.21 March 3, 1942 April 9, 1967 Concurrent with Gold Coast Route 110.png GC-110
Interprovincial 2.svg
PN Route 1 in Laguna-Pacífico Norte border line at Tijuana I-5 in Astoria-Sierra border line 796.432 1,281.733 September 19, 1903 April 2, 1956
Interprovincial 2A.svg
Route 16 (Gold Coast).svg K.S. SR 16 near El Segundo, Gold Coast Interprovincial 2C.svg I-2C in Norwalk 18.82 30.29 July 4, 1971 August 5, 1984
Interprovincial 2B.svg
Interprovincial 2.svg I-2 in Irvine, Orange Interprovincial 2.svg I-2 near San Fernando, Gold Coast 72.415 116.541 May 13, 1967 August 5, 1984
Interprovincial 2C.svg
Route 22 (Orange).svg Interprovincial 2B.svg K.S. 22/I-2B in Seal Beach, Orange File:Route 41 (Gold Coast).svg GC 41 / Huntington Dr in Irwindale, Gold Coast 27.40 44.10 July 9, 1941 August 5, 1984
Interprovincial 3.svg
Interprovincial 2.svg I-2 in San Diego, Laguna DR 2 in Mohave-Deseret border at St. George 446.846 719.128 August 13, 1947 April 2, 1956
Interprovincial 3A.svg
Interprovincial 3.svg
I-3 in Murrieta, Inland Empire
Interprovincial 3.svg
I-3 in San Bernardino, Inland Empire
55.060 88.610 April 9, 1963 September 5, 1982

K.S. Highways

The official route marker of the K.S. Highway System features a green shield with the title "Sierra" on the top.

Decommissioned K.S. Highways

Provincial highways


Central Valley




Gold Coast


Inland Empire








San Francisco

San Joaquin

Santa Clara





Territorial highways



Pacífico Norte

Pacífico Sur


Other highways



National park

Indian reservation


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