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O.P. Entertainment

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O.P. Entertainment
Subsidiary of Media Corporation
Industry Music & entertainment
Genre K-pop
Hip hop
Founded April 20, 1977
Founder Jeong-Ho Yi
Aubrey Rhee
Headquarters Irvine, Orange,
Key people
Jeong-Ho Yi (Chairman)
Olaf Hagen (CEO)
Products Music
Services Entertainment
Revenue $4.275 billion (2015)
Owner Media Corporation
Number of employees
5,791 (2015)
Parent Media Corporation
Divisions List of O.P. Entertainment labels
Slogan Better in Opland
O.P. Entertainment (Hangul: OP엔터테인먼트) is a Sierran multinational music corporation that operates as a subsidiary of Sierran media conglomerate Media Corporation. One of the largest corporations in Sierra, O.P. Entertainment operates as a record label, music publisher, talent agency, and event organizer. Originally founded by Korean-Sierran entrepreneurs Jeong-Ho Yi and Aubrey Rhee in 1977, O.P Entertainment operated as an independent company until 2007 following its acquisition by Media Corporation in 2007 for approximately $1.5 billion in cash and stock with the purposes of expanding the scope of O.P. Entertainment. Initially, O.P. Entertainment had a specialization on Sierran-based Korean pop (K-pop) but the company has since evolved into a cosmopolitan company featuring a broad range of music, artists, and genres in several languages including pop, hip hop, country, and rock.

As one of the "Big Four" music entertainment in Sierra (the others being Avocado Records, Polygon Records, and Warner Music Group), O.P. Entertainment is one of the largest corporations in the Kingdom with reported revenue of $4.725 billion in 2015. It is represented by the Sierran Music Forum organization in Sierra and the Recording Industry Association of America in Anglo-America. In 2014, RBS Business named O.P. Entertainment as Business of the Year, and O.P. Entertainment was listed as one of Sierra's most influential companies. The company expanded its operations with regional subsidiaries in Astoria, Superior, Korea, Japan, and Tondo in 2009. O.P. Entertainment's headquarters are based in Irvine, Orange, Sierra.


B.A.D. Music

B.A.D. Music was formerly an independent record company founded in 1965 which featured hit artists and bands in soft rock, hard rock, and jazz music. B.A.D Music was one of O.P. Entertainment's first acquisition when the company expanded its scope in 2002 and purchased it for $50 million.

  • Above A Thousand Records
  • Big But Better Entertainment
  • Diplomacy Records
  • Friendly Fire Records

  • Muholland Drive
  • Paladise Manor Productions
  • Untouchable Records
  • Zodiac Inc

California Records

California Records is a subsidiary established by O.P. Entertainment in 2004 to promote pop music sung predominantly in the English language as well as electronic dance music (EDM).

  • Dream Dream Records
  • Glamour Records
  • Flashing Lights Recordings
  • HHJ Records
  • Grands Ballons Records

  • Sand Dollar Distribution
  • Take Two Records
  • U-Dot Records
  • Zzyzx Records

Channels' Finest Music Group

The Channels' Finest Music Group (CFMG) is a subsidiary that was established in 2006 with a focus on all music that was neither Korean, English, or Spanish. Hoping to reach out to other major linguistic groups in the Kingdom, the CFMG premiered with four record labels geared towards French, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Worldwide Beats Records was added to the CFMG lineup in 2009 to encompass all other music in languages not focused in any of O.P. Entertainment's existing subsidiaries or labels.

  • Asia Pop Records (Vietnamese and Filipino)
  • Bourbon Records (French)
  • New Star Music (Chinese)
  • Sakura Records (Japanese)
  • Worldwide Beats Records (Miscellaneous)

Fishermen Distribution


Lovely Heart Recordings

Noona Records

Sunshine Records

Skid Row Records

The Heat Group


O.P. Globe







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