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Ocean City
Flag of Ocean City
Flag of Ocean City
Initial release April 3, 2020; 2 years ago (April 3, 2020) (project)
May 4, 2020; 2 years ago (May 4, 2020) (server)
Platform Minecraft Java Edition 1.17.2
Type Minecraft server
In-game banner of Ocean City

Ocean City is a Minecraft multiplayer creative-based server founded on May 4, 2020. It is the official server for the Constructed Worlds Wiki and was initially hosted on the same server as Cedon when Ocean City was created there in early April 2020. After only a month of intense building, the Ocean City project switched to an independently-run Minehut server using a forked version of the Cedon map following an eviction by Cedon's server owner. The premise and focus of the server is to create the eponymous city, as well as its surrounding vicinity including Paloma County. It is only available for play on the Java edition of Minecraft and access is restricted to users who are placed on the server whitelist. Although the primary game mode is creative, there is an official survival spawn and PVP area located away from the main creative builds. Additionally, there is a separate world within the server that will be designated as the official survival world for the upcoming Caves & Cliffs: Part 2 update (Java Edition 1.18). Since mid-June 2021, the server has been on Java Edition 1.17.

The server is online only whenever there are players are on it. If there are no active players for more than 5 minutes, the server hibernates and goes offline due to Minehut's policies to limit memory allocation across its global network of servers. When it is online and a command is issued to calibrate it, the server operates on realtime and the daylight cycle is configured with a redstone clock to match the current time in the Pacific Time Zone. The default game mode is creative and the global difficulty is normal. Mob spawning is disabled but mobs can still be spawned using spawn eggs, /summon command, or monster spawners.

Live updates and server logs are automatically posted on the Conworlds Fam Discord server (#minecraft and #bot-commands). Users with the Minecraft tag are the only ones who may access the former channel, which allows them to interact and talk with players on the Minecraft server (and vice versa, by typing in ! before a text message to pass). All queries and updates are processed by a bot named MC Sayori.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Technical[edit | edit source]

Ocean City is hosted by Minehut, an independent server host which is not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft. It currently utilizes Minehut's most basic free server plan, allowing the server to run an unlimited amount of plugins and with a memory size of 2 GB. It has a capacity to support up to 20 players, although only 25 unique users have joined as of March 3, 2021, and no more than 6 have ever logged on and stayed online in-game concurrently. Due to Minehut's specifications, the server goes into hibernation automatically whenever there are no users online for more than 5 minutes. The server can be started either directly by Centrist16 or Thewolvesden, who have console access, or by whitelisted users who first join Minehut's lobby and initiate the join command, as provided on the Discord server. In either case, the server itself takes an additional one to three minutes to boot up, before a log-in in-game can be successful. The server is routinely auto-saved and has several backup copies, in case of world corruption or deletion, however, anti-griefing tools are also in place to prevent and even reverse unintentional or bad faith actions.

It is recommended, but not required that users use Natural Realism or Bare Bones as the resource pack within the server, although one may use the vanilla resource pack (or any other of their choosing). Creative builds must be built in accordance to the aesthetic quality of either vanilla or the aforementioned two resource packs. Please consult Minecraft Gamepedia for further details on how to download and use resource packs.

In addition, it is recommended, but not required that users download the latest version of Optifine and use a shader, such as Slidurs or BSL for better lighting and shadows.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Ocean City is not an anarchy server. Although users have access to four of the five game modes (survival, creative, spectator, and adventure), they are expected to abide by the rules of each respective mode, which are described below as follows:

  1. No use of cheating, hacking, or griefing mods, clients, or illegal content.
  2. No abusing operator status.
  3. No harassing or substantive interference to users in different game modes (e.g. creative players attacking, trolling, or aiding survival players) without server owner's permission.
  4. No creation of lag machines.
  5. No misuse of commands.
  6. Follow online Minecraft etiquette.
  7. No sharing the server IP address.
  1. No cheating, including duping or metagaming by using knowledge obtained from other game modes such as creative or spectator.
  2. No griefing creative builds (anything located in Ocean City and vicinity). Survival builds are fair game, but discouraged.
  3. If one has operator rights, do not use commands unless using a redstone-activated command block.
  4. No switching game modes to do any of the following: avoiding damage from players, mobs, or other events which can cause death, transporting across great speeds (unless teleporting between creative or the two survival areas), breaking or placing blocks instantly, obtaining items from the creative inventory, or using spectator to view hidden builds or areas.
  1. Same rules as survival
  1. No griefing creative builds.
  2. All builds must receive written or spoken consent by the server owner.
  3. Limited terraforming is permitted (done manually without WorldEdit) without permission, if it is related to a build that has already been allowed.
  4. Complex terraforming is conditionally permitted, if one has been given clearance to use the plugin (must demonstrate competency).
  5. No use of TNT or end crystals to destroy builds. You must destroy by hand or by WorldEdit.
  6. If one has operator rights, do not use the following vanilla commands that manipulate the map without an undo: /fill, /clone, or /setblock. If one has access to WorldEdit, use the wand and any of the following: //pos1, //pos2, //fill, //set, //copy, //paste, //cut, //stack, //flip, //rotate, //undo, //redo etc.
  7. If one has operator rights, do not use commands to change any gamerule except /gamerule doDaylightCycle. Other commands, which are conditionally changeable, such as /gamerule doMobSpawning and /gamerule doMobGriefing require owner approval.
  1. Same rules as creative

Server history[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of a map showing Ocean City as it was on April 19, 2020 (roughly two weeks into development)

Pre-Minehut (Java Edition 1.15), 2020[edit | edit source]

The original Ocean City as a concept and a project was first created on the Cedon server, which was primarily survival-based but had went inactive. Two users, Centrist16 and Fizzyflapjack, wanted to build a creative-based city which would not conflict with the server's survival-based builds. In order to avoid this, the two users scouted for regions far away from world spawn to ensure that there would be no interaction between the survival part of the map and the creative part of the map. Renewed interest in Minecraft within the community was spurred when Emaliay created her own server and Cedon was revisited. On April 3, 2020, the users settled upon a location approximately a million blocks away from world spawn in the positive X and Z direction. The inaugural builds of Ocean City were the Landon Island Lighthouse and the Whitmer Fort, two of which would serve as the anchor builds for the future server's world spawn, and the northern edge of the Old Town District.

Within a week, many structures of the present-day Old Town District were built, including the Founders Monument overlooking Landon Harbor, the French Quarter Building, the Spanish Mission, and the Old Town Hall. The Federal Reserve Building, Mapping Office Tower, and the Louisville Tower were also built, becoming the first builds of the Downtown area.

The next major development which occurred was the Media Corp Tower and the Paloma Police Department's First Precint Building. The former became the tallest structure in the map when the top of its antennae is accounted for. Both buildings neighbored each other and were jointly built by Centrist16 and Fizzyflapjack. Following the completion and interior furnishings of these buildings, work was laid down to develop the Perry Market Place and the Santa Clara Maria Pier. This section of Downtown saw the creation of the Prismarine Seafood Grill, a pier, a boardwalk, and a farmer's market. Across the street, the Ocean City Stock Exchange and the Post Office Building were also created, further adding to the density of the city.

By mid-April, the server was in jeopardy as Fizzyflapjack's colleagues, who owned the server, desired to rebuild the map as strictly survival. They allowed Centrist16 to create a duplicated version of the map, including the builds of Cedon, before all of the server's members were to be removed from the server. In order to continue hosting a server, Centrist16 utilized Minehut to host the new server.

Minehut (Java Edition 1.15–1.16), 2020[edit | edit source]

Screenshot showing much of Ocean City proper as of June 13, 2020, not pictured is Paloma County (to the south) and North Ocean City (to the north)

With a new server and one with operator privileges, Centrist16 introduced functionable command blocks to the game, which had long been hindered in the previous server, and installed plugins to improve quality-of-life on the server. Afterwards, Emalia (in-game: Emaliay) joined the server, as well as Thewolvesden, who made their first contributions to the Old City Subway and the inaugural builds of Chinatown respectively. Around this same time, Candiesaregood (in-game: MisterBanapple) also joined the server and she began work on the Palace in Old Town. The wilderness of the future Arbor Hills were stripped away to make away for the Arbor Hills mansions by Centrist16. Emelxa (then-known as Chaotic Zoomer, in-game: ChaoticZoomer) also joined the server and began building a cathedral in the Old Town and sporadic builds throughout the map alluding to his conreligion, Evecharianism. Throughout the arrival of new users, Nevan (in-game: Ludinev0) continued work on the Musuem, which saw its grand, twin staircases completed and the garden in between the stairs also finished.

By July 2020, in anticipation of Java Edition 1.16, Centrist16 expanded the map of Ocean City further, adding new builds to the east and south of Ocean City, including groundwork for the Ocean City City Hall and the Stewart County Courthouse. The Parisian builds due east of these builds also began construction.

Minehut (Java Edition 1.16–), 2021–[edit | edit source]

Operators[edit | edit source]

The following users are granted operator status in order to allow them to issue and perform commands which are necessary for administration or WorldEdit access to make building easier and more efficient. Operator does not connote any substantive power in-universe or on the wiki.

*Red indicates user has console access to the server on Minehut.

Neighborhoods[edit | edit source]

The city is divided informally into at least six of the following defined districts:

  • Old Town District: The original part of the map which includes mainly English, Spanish, and French colonial architecture
  • Downtown: A central business district which features a pier as well
  • Arbor Heights: A wealthy hill-based neighborhood at the intersection of the Old Town District, Downtown, and Capitol Area
  • Chinatown: A neighborhood consisting of Asian-owned businesses, establishments, and housing
  • Capitol Area: The center and heart of the city
  • Resort Area: A gambling-centric part of town

Since February 2021, the city, using WorldGuard, has also been divided into loose quadrants:

  • Old City: Old Town District, Downtown, Arbor Heights, and Chinatown
  • South Ocean City: Newer parts of Ocean City, south of Capitol Area and towards Paloma County
  • East Ocean City: Parts of Ocean City east of the Capitol Area

There are also other parts of the map which do not form a part of the contiguous Ocean City:

  • Paloma County: A quieter, "small town" part of the map
  • North Ocean City: A place under development across the North Harbor and Redstone Bridge
  • Cedon Ruins: All of the builds from the original survival-based Cedon server near (0, 0).
  • Central Redoubt: All of the builds from the new survival-based area of the server near (500,000, 500,000).

There is also a base in the Nether. Currently, only one official portal exists which can be accessed from the secret basement floor of the Landon Island Lightkeeper's House. Development in the Nether began when the server and Minehut updated to Java Edition 1.16 (the Nether Update) on June 26, 2020.

Notable builds[edit | edit source]

Name Location Description Builder(s) Warp
Adventure Park Santa Clara Maria Pier, Downtown An amusement park with several rides and a roller coaster featuring two loop-de-loops Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Amusement_Park
Cathedral Old Town District A Catholic cathedral built out of smooth quartz ChaoticZoomer.svg ChaoticZoomer Cathedral
El Monte Vietnamese Seventh-day Adventist Church Capitol District An approximate recreation of a real-life Seventh-day Adventist Church Centrist16.svg Centrist16,
Khangisawesome.svg Khangisawesome,
Pokemon8797.svg pokemon8797
Evecharian Temple Paloma County A temple consecrated by the Evecharian religion ChaoticZoomer.svg ChaoticZoomer Evecharian_Temple
French Square French Square, Capitol Area A French-inspired square surrounded by Saint-Malo-inspired and Bucharest-inspired buildings Centrist16.svg Centrist16 French_Square
Landon Island Lighthouse Landon Island, Old Town District A traditional lighthouse accompanied by an adjacent light-keeper's two-story home and small forested area Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Landon_Warp
Little Pyongyang Capitol District An inexplicably fortified North Korean embassy complex DiggsBills14.svg DiggsBills14 Little_Pyongyang
Media Corporation Tower Downtown A tall skyscraper topped with a massive antennae tower Centrist16.svg Centrist16 (Exterior),
Fizzyflapjack.svg Fizzyflapjack (Interior)
Mayan Resort and Casino Casino Area A Mayan-themed resort and casino Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Resort_Area
(Jessica's) Palace Old Town District A large mansion with a spacious courtyard and wide walkways MisterBanapple.svg MisterBanapple Palace
Perry Place Market Santa Clara Maria Pier, Downtown A farmer's market by the pier Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Pier
(First Precinct) Police Station Downtown A police station with a helipad Centrist16.svg Centrist16,
Fizzyflapjack.svg Fizzyflapjack
(Oct's) Meat Factory Paloma County A meat processing facility and slaughterhouse equipped with state-of-the-art redstone technology DiggsBills14.svg DiggsBills14 Meat_Factory
(Nevan's) Museum Capitol District A massive museum with wide stairways, hallways, and dome-topped roofing Oreminer267.svg Oreminer267 Museum
Old Town District Subway Station Old Town District A subway station Emaliay.svg Emaliay Old_Town_Subway
Park Sierra Medical Center Downtown A modern hospital with an emergency center Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Park_Sierra_Hospital
Post Office Building Downtown A large building built in Neoclassical architecture Pelicary.svg Pelicary Post_Office
Social Democratic Party Headquarters Capitol Area A stately building overlooking a roundabout Pelicary.svg Pelicary Labor_Monument
Sun Yat-sen Complex Chinatown An apartment complex with street-level business Centrist16.svg Centrist16 (Exterior),
Thewolvesden.svg Thewolvesden (Interior)
Takagi Shrine Arbor Heights A Japanese Shinto shrine which sits on atop an Arbor Heights hill overlooking Downtown and Chinatown Centrist16.svg Centrist16 N/A
Town Hall Building Capitol District A large Neoclassical structure with a large dome housing the city's government Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Town_Hall
Ulysses Perry High School Capitol District An early 19th century-American high school which is purportedly haunted Centrist16.svg Centrist16 High_School
Yacht Marina Santa Clara Maria Pier, Downtown A series of docked yachts and a sailboat Centrist16.svg Centrist16 Pier
Yellow Emperor Chinatown A Sino-Japanese pagoda with multiple floors including shrines and urns Thewolvesden.svg Thewolvesden N/A

Gamerules[edit | edit source]

Gamerule Description Value
announceAdvancements Whether Advancements should be announced in chat True
commandBlockOutput Whether command blocks should notify admins when they perform commands False
disableElytraMovementCheck Whether the server should skip checking player speed when the player is wearing elytra. Often helps with jittering due to lag in multiplayer, but may also be used to travel unfairly long distances in survival mode (cheating). True
disableRaids Whether raids are disabled. False
doDaylightCycle Whether the cycle day-night cycle and moon phases progress False
doEntityDrops Whether entities that are not mobs should have drops True
doFireTick Whether fire should spread and naturally extinguish False
doInsomnia Whether phantoms can spawn in the nighttime False
doImmediateRespawn‌ Players respawn immediately without showing the death screen False
doLimitedCrafting Whether players should be able to craft only those recipes that they've unlocked first false False
doMobLoot Whether mobs should drop items true True
doMobSpawning Whether mobs should naturally spawn. Does not affect monster spawners. False
doPatrolSpawning Whether patrols can spawn. False
doTileDrops Whether blocks should have drops True
doTraderSpawning Whether wandering traders can spawn. False
doWeatherCycle Whether the weather can change naturally. False
drowningDamage Whether the player should take damage when drowning True
fallDamage Whether the player should take fall damage True
fireDamage Whether the player should take fire damage True
freezedamage Whether the player should take damage when inside powder snow True
forgiveDeadPlayers Makes angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby False
keepInventory Whether the player should keep items and experience in their inventory after death True
logAdminCommands Whether to log admin commands to server log True
maxCommandChainLength Determines the number at which the chain command block acts as a "chain" 65536
maxEntityCramming The maximum number of other pushable entities a mob or player can push, before taking 3♥♥ suffocation damage per half-second. Setting to 0 or lower disables the rule. Damage affects survival-mode or adventure-mode players, and all mobs but bats. Pushable entities include non-spectator-mode players, any mob except bats, as well as boats and minecarts. 64
mobGriefing Whether creepers, zombies, endermen, ghasts, withers, ender dragons, rabbits, sheep, villagers, silverfish, and snow golems should be able to change blocks and whether mobs can pick up items. This also affects the capability of zombie-like creatures like zombie pigmen and drowned to pathfind to turtle eggs. This also prevents villagers from breeding. False
naturalRegeneration Whether the player can regenerate health naturally if their hunger is full enough (doesn't affect external healing, such as golden apples, the effect Regeneration effect, etc.) True
playersSleepingPercentage What percentage of players must sleep to skip the night. 100
randomTickSpeed How often a random block tick occurs (such as plant growth, leaf decay, etc.) per chunk section per game tick. 0 disables random ticks, higher numbers increase random ticks. Setting to a high integer results in high speeds of decay and growth 3‌
reducedDebugInfo Whether the debug screen shows all or reduced information; and whether the effects of F3+B (entity hitboxes) and F3+G (chunk boundaries) are shown. N/A
sendCommandFeedback Whether the feedback from commands executed by a player should show up in chat. Also affects the default behavior of whether command blocks store their output text False
showDeathMessages Whether death messages are put into chat when a player dies. Also affects whether a message is sent to the pet's owner when the pet dies. True
spawnRadius The number of blocks outward from the world spawn coordinates that a player spawns in when first joining a server or when dying without a personal spawnpoint. 0
spectatorsGenerateChunks Whether players in spectator mode can generate chunks True
universalAnger Makes angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them. Works best if you disable forgiveDeadPlayers. True

Plugins[edit | edit source]

  • CoreProtect
  • DiscordSRV
  • Essentials
  • EssentialsChat
  • EssentialsProtect
  • LuckPerms
  • PlayerServer
  • Vault
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • Herobrine
  • Action Bar Health
  • VoxelSniper

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Images of Registered Landmarks of Ocean City
Want to see your build on here? We encourage you to submit a registry request in-game at the Crafters and Builders Union Headquarters

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