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One Texas

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One Texas
Chairperson Herbert Gordon
Founded March 8, 1946 (1946-03-08)
Headquarters 4521 Terrance Plaza, Dallas, Texas
Student wing One Texan Scholars
Youth wing Young Texans
Membership 12,232,451 (2018)
Ideology Liberal Conservatism
Christian Democracy
Political position Centre to Centre Right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
American People's Party (North American Union)
Official colors     
11 / 21
House of Representatives
30 / 85
American Congress
21 / 40

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One Texas or officially known as One Nation Texas, is a liberal conservative political party in the Federal Republic of Texas. It is the second largest party in Texas, with over 12 million members. The party is currently chaired by former Senator Herbert Gordon.

One Texas was founded on March 8th, 1946 after the collapse of the One National Party. It was founded by Joseph Perry who would become President of Texas in the 1955 Texan Presidential Election. It almost immediately became a major party, filling the void left by the One National Party. The party supports a liberal conservative and pro-North American Union agenda.


Social Issues

Members of One Texas support:

  • Promotion of the LGBTQ+ Community.
  • Promotion of Christian beliefs while also promoting Separation of Church and State.
    • Continued tax-exemption of religious places of worship.
  • Slightly more restrictions on gun purchase.
  • Promotion of North American Unity.
  • Upholding the Sills Act, which legalizes abortion.
  • Fighting against legalizing recreational drugs.

Economic Issues

Members of One Texas support:

  • Ending Texan dependence on oil.
    • Raising taxes on oil companies that contribute to climate change.
  • Funding new ways of fighting climate change.
  • Lower taxes for middle and lower class citizens.
  • Limiting government power in the private sector.
  • Building a more solar-dependent Texas.
  • Increased government funding for public schools and universities.

Foreign Policy

Members of One Texas support:

  • Increased presence in the Middle East.
  • Increased presence in the North American Union.
  • Creating a North American army.
  • Uniting North America as one nation.

Voter Base