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Origo Mundi
Genre Collaborative conworlding project
Established October 12, 2018 (originally)
July 25, 2019 (Altverse)
Creator Vandenhoek
Progress Active, ongoing
Contributors See Members
No. of articles 20+ (Category)
Origo Mundi is a worldbuilding project based on the eponymous map game, created by Vandenhoek that was originally hosted on the Althistory Wiki, that intends to document the history of the game, and also advance the history past the events of the game.

The game of Origo Mundi was built on the premise that each player created their own alternate nation, and had to explore to find new players and uncover the rest of the map. Vandenhoek created the page with three goals originally in mind:

  • Completely alternate nations, cultures, religions, etc., that are all player created and developed.
  • Fictional world map that is unknown to each player at the start. Each player will receive a map of only what their nation has discovered so far, and must explore the world to piece together the bigger picture.
  • Computer programs for easy war algorithms and realistic statistics tracking, which will be run by the moderators.

The original game focused on the ancient/classical era, and ended after 1100 years of gameplay. During that time a complex history of nations, religions, and more were created by its players. This Conworlds project hopes to continue that legacy and continue the story that we have begun.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Work in Progress

  • The events of the original game are considered canon and as such any additional lore must build off that foundation, without replacing any events, nations, etc.
  • Events taking place after the original game should involve the original players of any relevant nations coming to a consensus on the outcome of said events, with Vandenhoek as a tiebreaker and ultimate quality assurance check for plausibility.
  • In the case of any conflicts where the players are unsure of the outcome, the original game algorithm should be used.
  • Vandenhoek is also responsible for any NPC nations or nations where the past player is absent.
  • Previous player nations already in the project belong to their original creators by default, however, new members make take over for certain nations if the past player or the moderators allow it. *New nations may be created by members or those wishing to join the project, just as they were during the game. Nations that were completely NPC during the events of the game may also be taken over by new members, as long as they follow the original lore of said nation.
  • Users who have had past issues with plausibility, or other problems, may be deemed by the community to be probationary members. Probationary members may contribute to the project normally, however, all their contributions must first be reviewed before being granted canon status. If they were a player in the original game, and as such already have a nation, the existence of that nation and any actions it did during the duration of the game are still canon, however, new editions and continued events regarding said nation are not necessarily automatically canon. Probationary members cannot create events for other nations, but rather react to other nations' events, similar to a map game's moderator events. Likewise, probationary members may only observe community discussions regarding future events, nations, etc, rather than being a voting member.
  • Continue to follow the original rules of the game and stay in the spirit of the game.

Members[edit | edit source]


  • Vandenhoek (Head)


  • Nathan1123
  • Neesym
  • Candiesrgood
  • Centrist16
  • KawaiiKame
  • Lord Falconis
  • Vivaporius
  • Thewolvesden
  • AWpCR
  • SolaceEaSw
  • JosephTheAwesome
  • Ludinev0
  • Emalia
  • Mato32DX
  • and more

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