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Overview Timeline (Vandverse)

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This page is for listing major events that occur in the Vandverse world.


  • 1257 - Cínemąxína's mother is born, as dated by the presence of a solar eclipse.
  • c. 1295 - Ascension of Cínemąxína to the throne of Taos.


  • c. 1300 - Approximate end of the Fremont Culture in OTL Utah, as Shoshonean peoples conquer or integrate Fremont the last Fremont communities.
  • 1310
    • Cínemąxína dies in Taos, and his domain becomes under the influence of Łocǫ́lhəo.
    • Yanauluha leads a contingent from Taos to settle the Halona Idiwan’a (Middle Place), the homeland of the Zuni, centered at Shiwinna.
    • The city of Moson Kahni is founded by Pinaquanah, as a base of operations in the south after years of raiding the region.
  • 1315 - The city of Thǫ́ne (Albuquerque) is founded by Puebloans from Taos.
  • 1318 - The city of Pi’a-pa and the Great Salt Lake are conquered by Pinaquanah and the Shoshone of the Yam-pah-pa (Snake River).
  • 1320
    • The Tabeguache Confederacy forms as one of the earliest and strongest Shoshone states of the time, likely as a direct response to the Puebloans.
    • The Hų́łothə́na Wars begin, with several clashes south of Wupatki occurring around this time, and with Puebloans beginning a migration into the Hohokam region.
    • Kánałó (Montezuma Castle) is constructed by the Sinagua people, inspiring similar fortifications elsewhere.
  • 1323 - The Petrified House is constructed.
  • 1325 - The settlement of Homolovi is founded by Puebloans.
  • 1331 - The Kingdom of Pahvant, centered around the city of Pag‘adüt, is formally declared by the ruler Kanosh.
  • 1340
    • Tǫ̂mą War (Father War) in Taos
    • The city of Tjukşp'o is sacked by the Puebloans.
    • O'odham nation founded by Kovnal (Chief) Hidoḑmakai and Hidoḑpionag (The Burnt Priest) of Siwañ Wa'a Ki.
  • 1360
    • Łocǫ́lhəo Union, creation of the Póyuopǫ̏'óne ("Three Nations")
    • The Puebloans begin a conquest of the Valley of the Sun, and found the city of Cíwena (Phoenix).
  • 1365 - Celşaḑmi:sa is constructed north of Cíwena by the O'odham.
  • 1366 - First Battle of Cíwena results in the Puebloans successfully repulsing the O'odham.
  • 1367 -
    • O'odham-Sinagua Alliance formed
    • Sinagua victory near Pasiwvi
    • Siege of the Petrified House by the Póyuopǫ̏'óne
  • 1369
    • Hidoḑmakai launches an invasion of the north that pushes as far north as the ‘Hakhwata (Colorado River), but at the Battle of Ongtupqa (Grand Canyon) the following year he is defeated by the Chief of Łùłi'heothə́na (Canyon of the Ancients) and killed. His invasion also razes Puebloan cities such as Wupatki.
  • 1370
    • Ciojmaḑgakoḑk becomes leader of the O'odham.
    • Póyuopǫ̏'óne begins to settle the Paayu (Little Colorado), up to Cíwena territory.
  • 1373 - O'odham formally loses its territory south of the ‘Hakhwata (Colorado River) region back to the Hopi.
  • 1375 - Mogollan-Pueblo Alliance, in which parts of the Paayu (Little Colorado), the city of Tjukşp'o, and other towns are ceded to the Mogollon.
  • 1376 -
    • The Mogollon are successful in capturing the regions they previously claimed near the Paayu.
    • Battle of Wupatupqa - Pueblo victory
    • Battle of Kánałó (Montezuma Castle) - Pueblo defeat
    • Second Battle of Cíwena - Pueblo Victory
    • North Sinagua make peace with the Hopi, with their leader becoming known as Puuhutaaqa
  • 1377
    • Honanki captured by Hopi
    • Siege of Celşaḑmi:sa - Pueblo victory
  • 1378
    • Ciojmaḑgakoḑk dies near Mogollon territory, and Hevacuḑ becomes regent for Baikam.
    • “Hevacuḑ's Peace” begins as a period of relative peace among the Puebloans and O'odham.
    • Partial migration of the O'odham south to settle near the coast begins.
  • c. 1380 - The Kingdom of the Delta is declared.
  • 1385 - Puuhutaaqa dies, and a Hopi-descended chief named Tuukwiʼomaw forms the Yavapai Confederacy, composed of Puuhutaaqa's domain, and the region south of the ‘Hakhwata (Colorado River)
  • 1386 - The South Sinagua join the Yavapai.
  • 1387 - “Hevacuḑ's Peace” ends, with the Two Rivers Campaign beginning near Cíwena.
  • 1388 - Battle of Keli - Pueblo Victory
  • 1389 - Siege of Siwañ Wa'a Ki - The city is destroyed, resulting in Cíwena growing to become the most important city in the region, while Baikam leads the O'odham to Cemamagĭ Doʼag.


  • 1523 - Giovanni da Verrazzano explores the coast of North America on behalf of France, and his discoveries spark further interest in French exploration and colonization.
  • 1534 - Jacques Cartier claims the Gaspé Peninsula for France and later settles Fort Charlesbourg-Royal on the Saint Lawrence River, beginning New France.
  • 1562 - French Huguenots are granted a charter to settle the New World. An expedition led by Jean Ribault settles Saint Jean (Saint John, New Brunswick).
  • 1564 - René Goulaine de Laudonnière, Ribault’s former second-in-command, founds Fort Caroline north of Saint Jean.


  • 1604 - The French settlement of Île-Saint-Croix on Baie François is founded, although it collapses by the following year.
  • 1605 - Settlers from Saint-Croix found the settlement of Port-Royal.
  • 1608 - Quebec is founded by Samuel de Champlain.
  • 1627 - A colonial charter is granted to Henri, Duke of Rohan, allowing French Huguenots to settle New France, in an effort to reduce the number of religious dissidents in France.
  • 1628 - The settlement of Alès (OTL Bangor, Maine) is founded by a group of 100 French Huguenots, primarily from the south of France.
  • 1646 - The settlement of Estport is founded east of the Alès settlement.
  • 1663 - The French crown begins offering monetary incentives to increase immigration to the colonies.


  • 1738 - The trading post of Fort Rouge is founded by Sieur de La Vérendrye in present-day Winnipeg.
  • 1758 -
    • The Treaty of Detroit is signed between the French and representatives from the Odawa, Potawatomi, Wyandot, and Ojibwe, which cedes parts of OTL Minnesota to French settlers, and attempts to create clearer boundaries for the native tribes.
    • The Saint Louis River Colony is founded, with the fort of Duluth becoming its first major settlement and capital.
  • 1763 - First Great Migration in Canada, with French inhabitants migrating from southern Quebec and Louisiana west and northwest.
  • 1763-1766 - Pontiac’s Rebellion disrupts British control over the Northwest Territory.
  • 1782 - An expedition of 200 settlers, led by Rodolphe Laflamme, settles the Red River near Fort Rouge. The name Winnipeg is coined for the settlement.
  • 1788 -
    • The United States disbands.
    • The nation of Erie is declared in Detroit, which claims the entirety of the Northwest Territory as independent. This sparks the Northwest War, in which settlers from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York invade Erie.
  • 1792 -
    • Treaty of Marietta - Erie is repulsed from Pennsylvania and Kentucky, cedes land in Ohio, but is recognized as a sovereign state.
    • Manitoba Agreement - Red River Colony and Saint Louis Colony create official boundaries, and agree to an alliance.
    • War of the First Coalition - Quebec Campaign between French Quebec and the English.
  • 1793 - Louisiana declares its independence from France.


  • 1802 - The independence of Louisiana is recognized by France.
  • 1806 - Mississippi War begins between Louisiana and Erie over its disputed territory. Despite an initial Louisiana victory, Erie is supported by Virginia, Carolina, and Georgia.
  • 1807 - Treaty of St. Louis - Louisiana cedes all land east of the Mississippi River, as well as claims to Manitoba.
  • 1812 - War of 1812 - A coalition of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Erie, and the French begin a war against the British.
  • 1814 -
    • Treaty of Ghent - British release Ontario as an independent nation.
    • Continuation War - A French rebellion is launched in Ontario to overthrow the English government established before the British withdraw.
  • 1816 - A second treaty formally splits Ontario into north and south, with the British re-annexing the north and the south being annexed by Quebec.
  • 1820 - First Louisiana-Manitoba War - Louisiana and its native allies defends against the Red River-St. Louis River alliance, the Dakota, and others. Louisiana cedes further territory in the Dakotas to Manitoba.
  • 1835 - First Manitoba War - Border established between the Red River Colony and English Hudson Bay.