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Province of Paraná
Provincia de la Paraná
Province du Parana
Province of Cisplatina
Flag of Province of Paraná
Motto(s): Dieu vous protège  (French)
God protects you
Location of Paraná in the United Provinces
Location of Paraná in the United Provinces
Country Cisplatina
Official languages French, Spanish, English
Capital Resistance
 • Governor X (X)
 • X X
 • X X
Population (2017)
 • Total 23,648,939
 • Rank X
Demonym(s) Paranáno(s)
Time zone ART (UTC–3)
Paraná is one of the 11 provinces of the United Provinces (Cisplatina). It is landlocked and located in the southwestern corner of the country and encompasses portions of El Chaco and Paraná Plateau. It is the third largest province in terms of total area and third most populous province in the country. Paraná shares borders with North Paraná to the north and New Pomerelia to the east. Its capital and largest city is Resistance.

Paraná derives its name from the Paraná River, which transverses across the province in a north–south orientation. Over a third of the population lives within 30 miles of the river as it provides the province with much of the area's water needs. The province was established in 1951, having been previously administered as the Autonomous Territory of Paraná since 1863. Paraná has the world's largest population of French Huguenots living outside France, with a population of over 20.4 million. The French Huguenots in Paraná constitute over half of the province's population and represent approximately three-fourths of Huguenots throughout the United Provinces. As a result, Paraná is one of just two provinces in the country with a Protestant majority.

The province's economy has historically depended on agriculture and mining, with its most notable exports being beef and sheep. Globalization and increased trade has increased commercial activity in Paraná as the economy diversifies and expands into manufacturing, textiles, and telecommunications. The rapid population growth in the 21st century and expansion of agricultural lands have raised concerns over deforestation and habitat loss in the ecologically biodiverse region.


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