Peoples of Urulia

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Peoples of Urulia
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The arms of Alderheim, the first nation to be created
Genre Collaborative low fantasy and geopolitical roleplay
Established October 27, 2022; 6 months ago (2022-10-27)
Creator Mythopoeia
No. of articles List (38 articles)
Status Active

Peoples of Urulia is a collaborative low fantasy constructed world and map game with an emphasis on roleplaying. It was created in October 2022 by Mythopoeia. The project makes use of Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator and Armoria, two open-source worldbuilding tools. Roleplaying events and interactions are recorded on the Conworlds Discord, to be transposed onto the wiki proper at a later date. The purpose of the project is to create a worldbuilding experience centered on low-stakes collaboration, storytelling, and wiki documentation.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The continent of Urulia, shaken and devastated by the mysterious Great Fall, is home to different cultures and nations. As the survivors struggle to make sense of what has happened, political intrigue, dynastic alliances, and religious fervor take center stage. The destinies and ambitions of the ruling houses and clans are intertwined in a new era of uncertainty and conflict.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

See Peoples of Urulia/Timeline.

List of nations[edit | edit source]

Realm Sigil Leader Dynasty Alliances Government Religion
Ridings of Alderheim CoA 1.svg Raedan House Arsenis Feudal lordship Arlianism
(Ordinate of Alderheim)
Council of Anecaster Arms of the Council of Anecaster.svg Edwyn House Eadywnson Feudal triarchy Faith of Four
Kingdom of the Lochs Coat of arms of the Kingdom of the Lochs.svg Eochan Clan Ganavan Feudal clan monarchy Arlianism
(formerly worship of the Elder Gods of the Wood)
Kingdom of Jaramsland House Janqur.svg Kirstinr House of Janqur Feudal monarchy
Duchy of

Fruché fis Quarrine
Coat of arms of House Malthine.svg Delques House Malthine Tributary state under the suzerainty of Alderheim Feudal lordship Arlianism (official)
(Ordinate of Narré)
Cult of Alrianmhar (traditional)
Sect of Arlianism
Principality of Sappiro
Contalsara Sappiro
Menno House Sólvád Feudal principality Temple of the Gods
(Nostra Íshva)
Tuhak Confederation Symbol of the Tuhak Confederation.png Aku Ataq Aku Clan Tribal confederation Tuhak folk religion
Kingdom of the Tyskars Viking Sun Wheel.svg Joarr the Magnanimous Juthir Tribal elective monarchy Tyskan folk religion
The Defenders of the Plan at Uos'vasû
Ak'qûna Téirkiv ay Uos'vasû
Banner of the Plan's Defenders.svg
The Third Disciple n/a Quasi-Monastic Order The Great Plan
(Ak'qûna Mahûk)
Principality of Vbarskoj
Рягство Вбарскоя
Arms of House Zviagin.svg Mĭzhak House Zviagin Trade agreement with Alderheim Feudal principality Mirror of the World
(Ta Mĭrzerkvostj)
Despotate of Uroboros Uros standard.png Artan IX Uros House Uros Trade agreement with Lochlands
Marriage alliance with Kingdom of Jaramsland
Absolute monarchy Western Arlianism

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